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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
Friday after a stiff work week, I had Sally over for dinner.

She arrived with a gift.

2019 Road trip T-shirt.

[Image: 109838B0-BB36-49B4-A7CB-E8D00F7ACD4B_zpsn6ty5mti.jpg]

Five states we should be hitting

[Image: 1759A709-6D22-4B46-8C0E-D3CD749C64C5_zpsxhytxk3t.jpg]

Random car park pic.

[Image: F73960F3-8C35-4FA8-9682-23F01302BC8A_zpsoqztwhgo.jpg]

I also got a message from Big Mike, a guy I met years ago, offering me a couple of chairs to recommission.

Of course I had to say yes.....

Delivery scheduled for late Sunday.

[Image: D2BECDF5-98FB-4295-B4A0-07684FE9AC52_zpsfhlrjcck.jpg]

[Image: 8C152041-14EE-44C2-948A-C01CF5A4C8DA_zpsaq8ktrkd.jpg]

Saturday Sally and I spent some time together and also had lunch, Turkish. 

£11.00 included two coffees. 

[Image: 425B8B9D-DFD3-4202-99D4-5833F83219E0_zpsdb8tdexm.jpg]

[Image: 8F1C7C5D-39F7-46F2-A430-B258D8F8843B_zpsrwudqnpb.jpg]

Sunday was NSRA Swapmeet 

Looking forward to it.


@CraigRK, and his son Kyle picked me up at 08.00 and we were off in search of tut and bargains.

[Image: 30508474-3B52-4C6E-83FA-83A22A979B9C_zpshqy61zmr.jpg]

On the way there....

[Image: DD1E8044-EE42-4123-9146-E9596D871EC8_zpsnatxks6r.jpg]

[Image: 3984E47E-73B7-4514-86B3-985262987473_zps5fdhynzq.jpg]

[Image: F35E3F06-C2A3-4D44-B116-B5E1492401F9_zps8pnccl3c.jpg]

[Image: ACFEDBCD-E8B7-4A63-8184-E991B5AAC266_zpsk5w1zgoy.jpg]

[Image: 342CD731-1067-4FC2-9B65-7F083905C53B_zps6hthgouz.jpg]

[Image: 6FE82D9B-FB62-4E9A-A37E-90D1087B02DF_zpsgcvazy5c.jpg]

Gasser style Ford.

[Image: D06BF3E3-E500-4AC7-AC95-2D06574903E9_zpsadg1hw4f.jpg]

[Image: 6F51FEDE-68E5-47A4-B210-6E37A99650F6_zpsalb0e4av.jpg]

[Image: 8FA4B73C-8A4C-4232-9BC1-B48A6784F051_zpshviedonm.jpg]

More to come.
Random pics from around the Swapmeet.

Toooo much stuff to see.

[Image: AABF0AD4-4E3D-4CF6-9112-CC646DC1AA2C_zpsywpoka0n.jpg]

[Image: 0B7252AE-1311-4167-B245-8CEADA479414_zpscqhorxgz.jpg]

[Image: 76649904-8A61-4114-81FC-69BD09A3A50D_zpsnixkam8k.jpg]

Real oddity, electric motorcycle £400.00

This is a real factory bike.

The Can-Am behind it was £1500.00 a good looking item.

[Image: D0EEFC27-BB52-4B99-AC1E-DFF3F1BC66D9_zpsjmzkygar.jpg]


[Image: EEDAB3FA-586E-47CF-A2A3-81326FEA34E4_zpsebuezxmk.jpg]

[Image: D6538B5A-20E1-42A5-8BD4-842D0E69C9AE_zpsfr7cblzn.jpg]

[Image: A73F911E-AC71-4A91-BBB5-7104782A4620_zpsjyaylxuc.jpg]

[Image: E798D939-D963-42CE-8248-E076FF4ABB60_zpspb112lmc.jpg]

[Image: 4CF35489-1F5B-48C4-BBFA-1EBEB26F088D_zpsamgm9nuq.jpg]

[Image: A963192A-E98F-4DC8-93F9-6E54E93CE62B_zpsj9xgqhna.jpg]
Cock shot.

[Image: 247D7614-FD22-4CF3-92D0-6C344DF434A3_zpswqegoubb.jpg]

Immaculate 1000cc custom.

[Image: E1970683-4CEF-4A4F-BC10-4CF78C844C96_zpsh19pbr57.jpg]

[Image: E9D46747-3E27-43DB-9809-2E98967F52D4_zpstxx4n0aj.jpg]

Possibly one of my favourite items all day.

Price was steep for my taste, but I love it all.

Note the different attachments this guy had for his prosthetic 

[Image: 521DFB6D-42C1-440F-901F-ABB56AE1B3CE_zpslcxmcykl.jpg]

[Image: 761E7CE2-7542-46FA-9E68-CDE398A30ECD_zpsxmjjohsz.jpg]

Famous in their own lunch times.

Dez Stringer of Stringer Fabrication, and Kev From Wales aka KFW.

And yes, that is a complete stepside bed on the roof of the VW Passat.

[Image: FB87175C-6AEE-40CB-AFD7-2C3437D98DA2_zpsfotganlp.jpg]

[Image: 671C56D7-5B55-4CB4-A86E-EB63F0EB24E5_zpsyxoivfxu.jpg]

[Image: 4BD5D717-B65D-41E8-80C0-323560D32811_zps2cjdruop.jpg]

[Image: 5EBA4FEA-7974-4E97-B12E-C349BC2BE1C5_zpsfo3bsfen.jpg]

[Image: 468E8FD2-CB1C-40D5-AEB8-91A7D6D96D61_zpsj5hshnm6.jpg]

More to come
Plymouth, one of my personal WANT cars.

[Image: 473AB86B-1E1C-4931-990A-2282E0932B6F_zpslmfth3ql.jpg]

Kyle, being a 17 year old, is constantly growing, so food is paramount.....

At least he looked after us too.

Hot, cinnamon donuts were perfect in the chill of the day.

[Image: E3028B44-BFA5-4EB2-84E0-046A78BD3161_zps7tqmelww.jpg]

Cock shot truck.

[Image: E45CB13F-6BAA-47FA-9725-BF76E7F47697_zpsracpqvvm.jpg]

[Image: 32C80A40-AF45-46EE-9176-5D5E09D546B6_zpsgpxftkgo.jpg]

Loads of stuff not photographed.

But pretty certain you get the drift.

Great seeing good, and old friends.

Now we get to the money shots.

What I bought, and what I needed are not the same thing.

First item, gas pedal.

I would love to have a few cast in aluminium (Oklahoma anyone??) 

[Image: 60CDFB07-D388-4370-AF8D-8FD947AEF4BB_zpssjzxri2o.jpg]

My costliest crazy purchase of the day......

Seller wanted £50.00

I wanted it, so sent the “Pit Bull Terrier” back in with an offer of £30.00

Guess who won.

[Image: 9E0CCF50-0E4F-4AEB-96F3-6EE7D44D5769_zpsq5ah3oku.jpg]

This will either be a drop down bench seat at my deck, or it may become a backseats to a bench on the deck.

Now just need a Chevrolet badge to replace to one that was removed.

Love the detail on this piece, picked it up and wanted it.

Asked the vendor for a price........ “Take it, it’s yours” he replied.


[Image: 2E61AF70-6E13-4334-A6B0-60BB8FCF909D_zpssnbvayz2.jpg]

After cleaning.

I plan to add something else to it, and fitting it to the Blazer.

[Image: F273F069-CF73-40C5-B217-4D182FD0AB67_zpsloewpnkk.jpg]

Late afternoon, that is 2.30pm the traders must have been cold and tired.

More stuff I do not need.

£3.00 bought these very cute espresso cups and four skull valve caps.

[Image: F3046E36-5DD5-4A61-B61C-A39AB3ECF8F9_zps9kebs3r9.jpg]

[Image: 5C2D6474-2F03-438F-AC05-65FED1C21ED1_zpst173b3fw.jpg]

A useful tool, keyhole saw for £1.00

[Image: A813E203-2F20-4382-9113-D8A329191F3A_zpsljzkqyc8.jpg]
A box of screwdrivers.......


I only wanted two of them.

[Image: ADD214E8-5E0A-4680-B52E-3EDF58A4B9F6_zpslkqprepf.jpg]

Same seller.....
£5.00 for this socket set, Would be rude not to buy them, unused, perfect for Sally’s shed as she has no tools, her sons usually bring tools when she needs stuff to be fixed.

[Image: 0B58E149-540C-408F-A8CA-7FB38EBA2A4A_zpsuckbqifi.jpg]

Door lock knobs for the Blazer £1.00

[Image: 39560719-2FCC-4BB1-947A-7CF84A59B8AC_zps5jityjoy.jpg]

Door mounted mirror, love these, have no use for it, but felt the need to just own it.

[Image: F0729228-B88A-45BE-A4C1-9F16F3151CC2_zpsnywird32.jpg]

Another Blazer item, stainless tip, from an Audi according to seller, part a bundle Craig negotiated for £4.00

[Image: 41C58897-4018-4E46-B863-403AB9CCBF31_zpsmmhrrul2.jpg]

Same seller.

Just coz I liked it, for my garage and part of my number plate collection.

[Image: 11661260-2AAE-42B1-B581-461651ED42A4_zpswuhydfsc.jpg]

So that concluded my day out with Craig and Kyle.

Came home, Big Mike met us all and delivered the two chairs for the deck, we all chatted for another hour.

Then I went over to Sally for a Roast Chicken dinner, with all the trimmings, including pigs in blankets and Yorkshire puddings.

Knackered and back killing me.....

Life is good.
Love the chopped MK3 van
Quick n Dirty.

Tailgate cleaned up, scoured with ammonia based household cleaner. 

Hosed down.

It will work.

[Image: B9962D82-C5AE-44E0-A957-061443E5476B_zpszww0wxrr.jpg]

[Image: D09C8251-B029-438A-90DB-83BE7E7B0B6E_zpsfhspwvhe.jpg]

Door lock pins removed, replaced with 8 Ball items.

[Image: 04B05FB1-E385-4072-832E-766C3CD289C7_zpsxgro2mpx.jpg]

Yup, I like that.

[Image: 3B0306D4-D348-4D3F-9861-AEA0791C7217_zpsmvbdqsmq.jpg]

Stainless Steel tailpipe tip, offered up, it will work. £4.00 well spent.

[Image: 83C39AE8-97EF-4060-9389-7AC5FAE6B89D_zpspalihfwp.jpg]

Old painters paint and brush box I had for years, awaiting its role.....

Filled with a selection of the screwdrivers from Swapmeet for Sally, as she only had 4 cheap Wilkinson’s items.

What £5.00 bought.

[Image: ADD214E8-5E0A-4680-B52E-3EDF58A4B9F6_zpslkqprepf.jpg]

Her share.

[Image: 0B198541-6212-482A-8184-CB492D81ACE5_zpsiibkhrim.jpg]

Of course you need stickers on there.

[Image: DBA57A98-4F3A-48A9-892F-021BE289C5FF_zpsvwyeqksb.jpg]

Yup, she likes it.

Also have given her the socket set to take home and put in her shed, in case I need to fix anything.
(19-03-2019, 05:41 PM)BerlingoAndy Wrote:  Love the chopped MK3 van

It was really well done too.

I like those

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