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Grizz' Prozac for the Soul - Berlingo Multispace
Bootfair was lean today. 

But bits I got were good prices and even needed.  

Love these. 

[Image: FF7188DC-A828-481A-AFC9-6C929D54516A_zpsod65thuj.jpg]

Not cheap. And not at Bootfairs either 

[Image: C651509E-5FC5-4C28-BCC7-DF593D7EB6E9_zpsn3on194y.jpg]

Home. Polish and clean next. 

[Image: 3EBB7DC2-3A01-46B8-A628-1CB79AFBD2C0_zpsxee9cbwq.jpg]

Total haul. 

Included 6 cans of brake cleaner for Craig and I. 
At £1.00 or $1.30 per can, happy to buy them. 

Also a can of SAS battery terminal protector for £1.00 
I use their penetrating oils which are excellent 

Pink camping blanket for Craigs daughter £1.00

Captain America mug. New. 50p

Kiddie chair £1.00

Aluminium VW Bus sign for mate Paul £2.00

Weird hosepipe with spray head for Sally £1.00

[Image: 86CA6F51-AA41-4F63-A937-C0B938B172CF_zpszgzac6bp.jpg]

Been chatting to Dennis a lot recently 

Sad to report that Mike Mittler owner of the NASCAR racing team that Prozac gets its number from, has died of cancer. 
I got to meet Mike three years ago and he gave me a full factory tour of their Mittler Brothers factory. A generous, kind man. 
A massive loss from any perspective. RIP Mike. 

Linked to Mike Mittler, Dennis’ grand daughter Skyler is now 5 years old and Dennis recently did some body and paint work for Mile on his wifes car and they traded in a way they both benefitted. 

A new Quarter Midget race car for his grand daughter to start racing in. 

Racing runs deep in this family. 

[Image: 66889FA7-B4D5-4831-96E9-A97CD7FC3AD0_zpsxzirmsyn.jpg]

[Image: 0F4F0880-2B14-479D-A804-2B6D3281F73E_zps7algiedh.jpg]

[Image: 24324E6D-F234-4F73-8C57-B057521ED792_zps04p7hs70.jpg]

[Image: 5E02E05B-E119-40D0-B57C-011A6AF3D654_zpsatlwm8yd.jpg]

She will be racing the car locally at St Louis Missouri under the no 63 as a tribute which was one of Mikes NASCAR racing numbers. 

[Image: 88A09B89-6D16-4D36-B197-7C38E970E1EE_zpsvxsmbczx.jpg]

Work on Dennis’ personal vintage Shell Gas Station continues. 

With small bits being added all the time. 

[Image: 5C913292-461D-4EE2-8E8F-4EE973BB8AFB_zpswpvl2l2t.jpg]
Spoke to Dennis on Sunday.

He had found a brand new, 1977 year model telephone call box for the gas station.

Never opened or installed 

What’s the chance of such a find.

[Image: 49DA65E4-5E70-4BF5-BAAF-6A4DBBC51AC2_zpsvn5yl3qx.jpg]

Had a business meeting in Croydon today, got home at 6.00pm and found a parcel from mate Mat “Speedle” who had just returned from his extended honeymoon in the USA.

Some cool leggings for Sally, and a Gas Monkey Garage T Shirt for me..

Sally was quite blown away, and kept saying “You have lovely friends, they must like you, Why? “

Thanks mate.

[Image: F33FAA74-82E3-4961-91F0-7517ACCAE02A_zpsn58wpp58.jpg]

After I got home, I cut the grass and then at 7.30 started to fit the cast stars etc to the bench.

After the varnish over the weekend, this really is the end of the bench build.

[Image: BF77393C-64C7-4749-B14A-5D7FBAA93553_zpsxvn0n5na.jpg]
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  • Art b
Spent yesterday at @CraigRK helping him and his son build a used, re-engineered shed on his driveway, yes, it needs to be there.

Prozac the Berlingo was also on duty to deliver some furniture to him that came from near my place.

We finished at 20.30 and then I drove the hour home.

No dinner, but a relaxing Rum and Pepsi Max, followed by a late bath after 22.00 to help my back along.

Bed by 01.00 which is massively late for me and Harley alarm clock by 05.22 after which I could not get back to sleep, so got up.

Doesn’t look like many people go to Bootfairs  anymore as they certainly are smaller this year and the picking is certainly not as rich as it has been in the past.


Flag for USA 
Four lots of screws were £1.00 the lot
Sign £1.00
Toy for Sally’s dog 50p
5 key rings £1.00
2 Portuguese cockerels for 50p
Small pliers 50p
Then at the second Bootfair which had 4 rows of cars only, vs the usual 16 rows, I got lucky, if you are a pipe collector.
5 good pipes for £12.00 

[Image: 87B7FD09-778E-4DAD-B43B-3CA0129D13E2_zpswjasqzvm.jpg]

5 pipes for £12.00

[Image: 779669FB-E68B-4991-BEFA-6AEF3AB578A0_zpscqsepstq.jpg]

So pretty disappointing Bootfair.

In news from the USA 

Dennis completed the next generation 1/4 Midget build for his very eager to race, grand daughter and took it in to be inspected by the race officials yesterday.

All good.

Today they hope to go let her drive it around the track and start coaching her.

If the weather holds out.

[Image: C6C01212-E2B2-4FC5-8440-131732D802A6_zpst9cou4ow.jpg]

[Image: B9975747-EEB4-45D1-91CA-84E8B3D2FC28_zpsfbtfyggz.jpg]


[Image: ED270B60-F083-4FD9-99FD-64545A59D642_zpsvjieljim.jpg]

[Image: A90DAE0F-D84B-47EE-852F-45CE5A9A1869_zps3kxbko5k.jpg]

I hope she does as well as Adam, Dennis’ sone at that age and onward.
Seen at the Bootfair

Radio Flyer airplane.

Great condition and priced at £30.00 vs new price online at £88.00 plus shipping.

[Image: E82F5AC7-8D96-40BE-8624-4DAD2B687077_zpsbimst8h5.jpg]
Most of you know Mickey next door to my place. 

He and his wife were away for two weeks on a caravan holiday. 

I looked after Wendy’s greenhouse and 100’s of seedlings and of course cut his grass as it goes mad. 

Last night they got back and brought me an unnecessary thank you gift. 

Firstly I thought, more clutter for my hoarders house. 

[Image: 76FAD0F8-F1BA-48CB-915D-AE1656198D39_zpshlcujdvi.jpg]

But I love it behind this whisky bottle that was a gift a few years ago from a guy with the same nickname as Mickey “Skippy”

[Image: C737F33C-88D2-4825-B111-2E696E864B75_zpsi6opx2t4.jpg]

Life continues to be good.

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