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Ad- Block
I have never been on a forum where you are FORCED to disable Ad Block before you can continue (Particulary as a member)
I understand the need for revenue, but without forum posts there would be no advertisers. I think this is a bit heavy handed though, and I hope admin rethink this.

I don't come here for help with problems, but with over 35 years spannering to earn a crust, I think I have something to offer others

Switching adblock back on now.
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  • ron
im not going to dissable bye
For those who have never seen advertisements on the site due to running ad block (I also run it myself on other sites), it's probably worth clarifying the extent to which this site is advertised.

Roughly 90% of pages display a maximum of 2 adverts, of which probably only 1 is actually observed (due to the other being in the footer). The remaining 10% display a maximum of 3, with 2 most likely observed.



Please also note, this new filter is only requesting that is added to your list of exclusions, not that AdBlock is turned off for all sites.
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Something is not quite right as I’ve whitlisted the site and it is still being re-directed to the Ad Blocker message
The adverts currently on site are fine with me as they don't intrude and when visible are of a modest size.

I had a moan some while back about the previous advert regime but this one is much better, visible yes but not obtrusive such that you need to actively scroll past it.
(20-02-2017, 10:37 AM)Raf_Garrow Wrote:  Ttfdh

 Swedish Italian of Arabian ???
Is it ad free for members who donate to the site?
I use the opera Browser with Ad Block Plus on Windows 7

I have added the Berlingo Forum to the whitelist [sites allowed to show ads] which is shown as disabled when I go to a Berlingo Forum [by the fact the ABP icon is "greyed out"] but I still get the We notice you are using an Ad-blocker splash page after a couple of minutes. I even disabled it completely but I was still getting the splash page and the site was unusable 

I have had to use my other installed browser [Chrome with ad-blocker switched off] to be able to post this, so I don't think you ad-block detector likes the Opera browser for some reason? Anyone else using Opera got a solution please?

Updating my own earlier post....found the reason it was still showing an ad-block detected. It seems the latest version of Opera has a built in ad-blocker, so I had effectively been using two ad-blockers! Removed ad-block plus [as it wasn't needed in Opera] and then disabled the built in ad-blocker for the Berlingo Forum and it all works now! If only all car maintenance was that easy  Wink
If you are using chrome with the adblock plus extension just click the ABP icon top right of page & disable. Then it will stay disabled for BF. It's simple enough. I don't find the ads intrusive.

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