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Clutch replacement, which one ??? Nobody knows
Well I have a fairly bad judder when releasing the clutch at take off. The peddle is short (bites high up) so I'd say the clutch is on the way out anyway but I have read on here about release bearing problems with B9's. 

Got a local garage to fit a timing belt last Monday and ask them to drive the van and see if they could give me a diagnosis. 
The mecanic said it was probably the flywheel but when I rang Citroen for a clutch kit price they said that the newer 8 valve engines that came out in mid 2012 have a solid flywheel. 

The engine code is DV6ETED, I dont know the gear box code or where to look for it. 

Anyone changed the clutch on one of these engines ?
Was it a solid flywheel or Dual mass ?

2012 Hdi 1.6 75 hp. 

If its just a clutch kit, release bearing, pressure plate and clutch kit this one is good value 
Berlingo clutch kit especially with the 30% off.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
Pretty certain these are a solid flywheel, if the dealer says so, then it will be.
That clutch is not a great price, I would expect @ £100 for the parts, not saying this is the correct one etc , but try a few others before jumping in, GSF are often very reasonable
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ECP have a 30% discount weekend worth a check ?
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
Ebay is fine but there are so many different clutches its hard to make sure you are getting the right one. Do you know of anywhere I can get the OEM code for the clutch or a Citroen part number. 

e.g - 
This clutch (Ebay Link ) is supposed to be the one for my van yet it is different than the one EuroCarParts recommend. 

It took the guy in Citroen about 10 mins to find out which clutch is in the van and even at that couldn't be 100% certain. He said 99% !!.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
(04-03-2017, 05:21 PM)geoff Wrote:  ECP have a 30% discount weekend worth a check ?

Trouble is it's 30% off from 100% more than anyone else ?
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Before I suggest the op get a quote for supply & fit from his local Citroen Main dealer workshop It might be worth pointing out that after my mate was quoted £300 for service & mot for his Ford Fusion at his local non franchise garage he tried Lookers large Ford main dealer for £225.

So suggest op get it done at Cit garage. Because they have to make it work.
Citroën want £277 for parts and min of 6 hours labour at £80 per hour to fit the clutch and won't guarantee that the clutch will be judder free without a flywheel change. They tell me it should not need a flywheel but they will have to look at it when gearbox is out.
And I bet they say it needs it even if it is ok.
All dealers these days have lots of fitters and very few fixers or proper mechanics as they used to be called !.

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Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
Yes, I suppose it does depend on the garage. I'm lucky enough to have a Cit main garage near that is generally competitive with non franchises in the area. It does appear though that Sachs clutch kit is around £200 from GSF or Eurocarparts & they also have a Valeo kit for £434 which also presumably includes DM flywheel. I would pay the extra for OEM make parts rather than cheapo whoever you get to do the job. Really cheap ebay parts can be fakes of well known makes.
I wouldn't go with unknown brands on eBay either. I will be getting a luk, valeo or sachs but not at dealer prices !.

I wonder has anyone on here had problems with the solid flywheel setup. I have never heard of them giving any trouble. I'm convinced it's just my release bearing that's knackered.

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Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
Solid flywheel kits are popular with Skoda driving taxi drivers. I think all DMF does is make smooth gear changes easier. With a solid fly wheel driver's clutch control has got to be a bit better.

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