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Hi This forum rocks
Hi all, I've recently acquired a Berlingo 2002 with only 189k on the clock so I am expecting it to last for  at least another 300k before I do my first service.

Ok, sarcasm apart, I bought this van for £100, yes one hundred pounds and it needs some TLC. The first thing I'm trying to resolve is the rear light problem and in particular the break light.

I have purchased and fitted a new break light switch and it seems to work but now one of the rear lights don't work (right hand).

Anyway hello to everyone and thank you for having me. I can't wait to dive in and do some reading before I start posting silly things.
Check the simple things 1st.Bulbs,fuses,connections etc.Good luck.
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Hi Paris and welcome.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Hi and welcome mr bargain van LOL

What light wont work!!?? Was it working before fitting the switch - why did you fit the switch?

More info = more useful advise ;-)
Hello Paris welcome to the forum good to have you with us Smile we don't do silly thing's on this forum there's no humor no sarcasm just a class system upper class middle class and like me lower class just managing . Sad
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(05-03-2017, 07:35 AM)polar Wrote:  Hi and welcome mr bargain van LOL

What light wont work!!?? Was it working before fitting the switch - why did you fit the switch?

More info = more useful advise ;-)

Thank you all for your welcomed messages.

To be honest I'm not too sure what the cause of having the lights not working properly is. I have tested all the fuses for continuity and they seem ok but I'm not a sparky type of guy so I might be using the instrument (whatever is called) very wrongly.

At the moment both side break lights work but the rear right fixed light won't. Strange. At the same time both front lights work as well as the indicators.

Anyway I will change a few fuses to see what's wrong. I will start with the ones specified on the list from a post in this forum.

I would also love to buy a rhino rack but they're really expensive and there is nothing on eBay.

Tomorrow I will get the windscreen changed as it has a massive crack. Then I will deep clean inside and out. After that I will most probably do the interior with ply including the headbulk.
I have purchased a pair of new of front indicators for £12 on eBay.

Next thing will be looking at the engine. Change the oil and filters. Then I will have to inspect the belts but before I get my hands dirty I want to use the van for a few weeks to see where the priorities are. Breaks maybe... the problem is the list go on and on...

The van runs well for a vehicle that old (2002).

Anyway I feel I am all over the shop at the moment as you might have noticed already. Please someone tell me to calm down haha

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If your "front" lights (sidelights ?) are flashing in time with the indicators you have a bad earth connection somewhere.

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