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2nd Key Needed
Hi All, 
I need to get a 2nd key for my 2012 B9. 
I have rang Citroen but they were not very helpful. Come in with the V5 and Id and talk to us, (Give us a chance to get our hands on your wallet  !!) 
My local locksmith says he can cut a new blade and programme / match the fob if I have 1. the key code, 2. the transponder code. 

I'm hoping to get both of these off the dealer. Anyone else got these off the dealer ??

Anyone had any luck programming an ebay key like this one - 
Ebay Keys

Or for a new 3 button key would I have to pay the Dealers £80 +vat + Reprogramming it. 
By the way the dealers wont cut the blade so I'd have to go to the locksmith anyway.

I thought the transponder could be transferred from old fob to new but it looks like the transponder is built in to the board on the 3 button fobs on the newer B9. 
I transferred a transponder in an older 2005 berlingo key without any problems. 

I have the option to just get a blade cut the same as the old key but it will only open the doors then. 

Any help would be great.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
I'm in Ireland so Timpson's are a bit far away ! but I will ask my local locksmith if they do cloning, sounds like a good way to get round the problem, never thought of it.
Huh 2012 (62) B9 Berlingo 1.6 Hdi (75hp) 
Try an auto locksmith they usually have the gear to cut and program a key. Ive used a auto locksmith over in the uk and he has done keys for fords, Volkswagens, Renaults and Citroens with no problem.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
You can buy that key from ebay but you need Lexia and PIN number to match it to your B9.

Procedure is strait forward and it takes 10 min.

Best regards,
Looking for something similar ,also in Ireland.Did you et sorted
(08-03-2017, 09:07 AM)brajomobil Wrote:  You can buy that key from ebay but you need Lexia and PIN number to match it to your B9.

Procedure is strait forward and it takes 10 min.

Best regards,

Hi i was thinking of getting another spare key done i have diagbox/lexia and i have seen something about key programming in there where do you get this pin that you need from ?
Your four number pin code should be with paper work when you got you Berlingo looks the size of a paper credit card if you can't find it you can get it from the dealer cost £15 to £25 .
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Can anyone else supply the PIN?
Lock doctor in ireland can program a second key for you. Not sure how much they are but I know they can do it.

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A lot of car locksmiths clone your existing key, so the 4 digit pin is not required, this makes life a little easier & cheaper. A well tooled up key man will have equipment that can extract the PIN number from the car, this enables him to make a key work in your car without the original (essential if you have lost all the keys).
Usual locksmith key is about £120, this will be a copy key, not a Citroen one.
A genuine key uncut from Citroen is @£100 + vat, about £8 more to order it cut to your car.
We provide the flip keys for £80 + vat, these are Chinese copies, but look exactly like originals , but are not quite as good. This price includes cutting & programming to the car, but I need the car & the code to do it with Diagbox.

It's worth noting that the 4 digit PIN number is required for other reasons such as programming a new BSI etc, it really is a good idea to have this number in case of any issues with the car at a later date.
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