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Crunch going into 3rd gear

Dear All

Had my berlingo for well over a year now (1.9d) but ever since i bought it, it has had a crunch in third gear. Sometimes if you put it in gear from 2nd to 3rd very carefully it won't crunch but it always crunches if you are changing down into 3rd. 

I've always just gone from second to 4th but obviously this does have a considerable effect on speed and drivability!

Other than that the van is spot on so i'm wondering how costly would it be to get the crunch fixed. Is it a case of new gearbox or new syncromesh or what? I know it is hard to say without you seeing it but i though some of you may have experienced a similar problem. Engine is on 163000 but goes great!

Thank you
2001 1.9D 800 160000
Cannot advise on price as I'm not in the habit of paying a garage but I'd suggest that unless you are competent enough to strip diagnose and repair then a replacement box would be the best route, there will be plenty out there to choose from and as such the prices charged are reasonable.

If it were me I'd see how you get on with double de-clutching into third as there is potential here to continue to drive with the existing gearbox for many years to come, the potential cost savings should make the effort worthwhile.

Also worth draining the box and filling with new oil as this may improve ( not cure ) matters.

edit : If you do swap gearbox then replace the clutch pivot shaft bushes ( cheap and easy ) also the clutch thrust bearing as a matter of course !
Consider pressure plate and friction plate renewal at the same time, a recon clutch is ( was ) available for the 1.9d if you are looking for some money saving, the engine is so lowly stressed that it is viable - just my opinion of course !
If this is an M49 (Mk1) with the BE3/4 transmission, clutch cable and clutch actuator pivot bush problems are common. Check where the clutch disengagement point is - if it's near the bottom of travel that may be the reason for the crunch. Likewise if the clutch pedal shows reluctance to come back up. Though, clutch drag does tend to affect 1st and 2nd more than high gears.

Just a point as that might prove to be an inexpensive fix.

If replacing the gearbox oil make sure it's the right grade - you may find someone's put SAE90 in and that's why the synchro is stiff.
3rd gear syncro problem is common best bet is a recon box for most people and a new clutch whilst the box is being changed.

If it was me i would double declutch and pan down = 3rd without the crunch but then i used to work on and drive HGV class 1's with a crash gearboxes so i know how to do it. If you dont know how to do this if you know an older hGV driver they will be able to show you = cheaper than a recon box.
I'm also an accomplished crash box user hence my advice earlier but many folks seem to struggle with it for some reason ..... but ........

......with a " modern " all synchro gearbox it will be sufficient to just dip clutch to engage neutral and then dip clutch to then engage the gear, worked for me over the years on cars.
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(10-03-2017, 07:49 PM)Jed Clampit Wrote:  So are you calling me old Angry put em up put em up. Wink

So am i  Big Grin
Just skilled ................
(10-03-2017, 09:18 PM)geoff Wrote:  Just skilled ................

Those were the day's my left leg bigger than the right no wounder i was going around in circle's when men were men 16 gear's range change and a splitter going down on the diff up the box i could arm wrestle a gorilla and it's not the wife double dolly that's another story didn't have time to be on the phone there spoilt now air assisted clutch air seat auto box's sat nav not always a good thing  or is it envy . Sad
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Tried double de-cluthing and it still grinds... Sad
2001 1.9D 800 160000

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