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Won't start clicking when turning ignition

When I turn the ignition I get a clicking sound but the starter motor does not turn

A few days ago the battery warning light came on and it beeped, it then went off and all was fine , last night it came in again and stayed on , i stoooed 10 mins later then went to start and nothing..

Headlights are bright and it has been starting just fine, does not seem like battery was flat

I managed to bump start the van on my own (much fun) and have got it home 

To add I can smell an electrical smell under the bonnet , I also bout the starter motor with a piece of wood when it would not start in case it was the solenoid sticking ..did not work

Battery is only a few months old 

So could be starter...or alternator ..or could it be starter relay?

Don't have an volt meter to test ? 

Supposed to be using van for work toinight so pretty desperate 

You need to get access to a voltmeter for starters but the burning smell does not seem good. You do have some conflicting fault signs but i do suspect an intermittent charging fault or relay/fuse box fault.
Yes it seems odd the battery light came on but I seem to have good charge

I shall try and find a volt meter today

Where is the starter relay in a 2004 2.0 hdi 8v non turbo

Hi Nsr im not sure but i would think fuse box inside the cab - think o/s under steering colum. Try and start and listen, feel around for a click.

You may be able to find a owners manual on this forum somewhere that give you more of a guide?
Do you have a BSI on yours? if so try a BSI reset - cant help but try - also check for water ingress = kiss of death for BSI's and it may explain the odd electrical problem - hope its not that mate.
Hi I think I do have bsi....I shall do a reset of that to see if it helps

Pretty sure starter relay would be under the bonnet and heavy duty ..but will look where you suggested

If it was or is the battery going flat and you try and star it silly thing like the wiper's would come on have you not got a battery and some jump lead's try and start it that way but odds on it your starting motor that has add its'day it will need replacing . Sad
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Just tried again

It's now saying eco mod on the display , I can here a relay clicking under the steering wheel but not solenoid clicking ..headlights not dim
Yok have reset bsi ..still no joy

Also after I bumped started it last night, the battery light was not on when I drive it home !!

So I am getting a clicking from the relay inside , but noting in the solenoid... I have a freind coming to help later.. will keep you posted
Sounds like the starter to me.

Mine has gone twice and clicking was exact symptom but it would bump start.

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