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Genuine Accessories
...I've just bought a 15 plate Berlingo 1.6 Hdi Enterprise (in silver) and will surely be delicately modding it over the comming months/yrs but for now after ordering rubber mats can anyone point me in the right direction (web-links) to purchase the following GENUINE Citroen parts namely Front and Rear Mudflaps and a Gearshift Gaiter (existing gaiter is picked clean at the top)..thanks in advance for any help, much appreciated...Regards C

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” 
The place to get genuine Citroen parts is at your nearest Citroen franchise garage parts dept. They can order stuff in fairly rapidly.
Could be costly I observed from my Peugeot dealer when ordering Rubber mats for my wifes car...I thought you could just type in the name of the parts and I would have an array to choose from....not all the after market make fit stuff that I was presented with....Thanks for your reply, I suppose I'll just have to take the hit this time and approach the Stealers.

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” 
The closest you can get to genuine parts in PSA cars is to find a Valeo parts supplier. The exact same parts will be cheaper than in a dealer.
It depends what you want & what you call genuine. Most parts are made by outside makers but if you want to be sure you have 'genuine' as in top quality it needs to have Citroen on the box. I'm guessing the only place to get some items like gear lever gaiters might be from Cit parts dept but other parts can be OEM(ie original equipment manufacturer that supplies parts to Citroen)bought elsewhere for cheaper. For example Valeo wiper blades from Euro Car Parts are cheaper than Valeo wiper blades from Cit in a Cit box but Euro Car Parts can also supply much cheaper wiper blades that may be just as good as OEM.

If you want a new front foglight which you might as they get broken by stones you can get them in a Cit box from Cit for about £50 or the same Valeo item from a factor a bit cheaper than that but ebay suppliers have Chinese copies for under £20 which do the job just as well. You wouldn't want to be using cheap clutch or cambelt but things like mats/foglights/wiper blades then probably ok to use non geniune/non OEM.

What I do not understand is the wide variety of prices on ebay of parts claimed to be genuine or OEM. For example Cit will charge £300 for Valeo made EGR valve for 1.6 diesel. You can find 'genuine' Valeo 1.6 diesel EGR valves on ebay for around £100 upwards. Are these genuine new, genuine used, cleaned up or genuine fakes? It's fakes that can be a problem ie cheap far east made parts boxed as Citroen or Valeo.
To be sure I don´t get fooled with fakes (when this matters, of course), I go directly to a Valeo parts representative. It is a matter of searching for one near you...On ebay, although prices are low, authenticity (as mentioned above) is always an unknown, and also functionality. I have only made the mistake of ordering important parts from ebay once. I got a refurbished step-motor that controlled the idle air inflow on a PUG 306, and I ended up loosing a lot of time (because I assumed the one I got from ebay was working properly, so it took me some time to confirm it as DOA), and money, because I finally had to buy yet another one, this time from the scrap yard...from then on, If I want used and/or cleaned, I go to the scrap yard, new with confidence and lower cost, Valeo (some parts they just don´t have), and in the last resort, I go to the dealer.

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