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Fuel pump/relay
Hi All,
About 3 years ago I had a problem with my 2002 1.4 Berlingo Mulitspace. It would cut out dead when driving, coast to a stop and then re-start. This changed to stopping and  not starting at all. Pulling off the fuel connector to the fuel rail showed no fuel so Mr AA pulled the car to a local garage. The car is disabled converted so has a different (smaller, metal) tank.  Tank taken out and pump was in a poor way so new one fitted along with, they said, a fuel pump relay. All then fine for 3 years.  
Moved from UK to Ireland last year so can't go back to speak to the merry man that did the work but the car has just had a couple of brief cut-outs (a few seconds) and I wonder if it is the beginning of a repeat of the above. I checked fuel supply to rail and it initially, as expected, squirts for a few seconds to prime the system and squirts continuously if the engine is then cranked. 
So, I then tried to find the pump relay and from what I could find out it should be at the engine bay fuse box, which it isn't. Lifted the fuse assembly out of its housing and there's nothing underneath it either.
Can't hear any click when I operate the key but can hear the pump operate.  Thought I'd get a spare relay and pump as I live out in the wilds, and can find a relay (nonABS), but where does it go???
Also the fuses in the box are not numbered so not sure which fuse is for pump, which would be useful to know.
Hi the fuse identification is in the small manual (glove box sized one) or in the Haynes one if it's petrol fuse number 25.
The relay is located directly behind the battery box on a bracket off the firewall.
You need to remove the battery and box to get to it.
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Many thanks - I can have a proper look for the relay and fuse! My Haynes manual seems pretty poor on electrics and I can't seem to find any wiring diagram in it that includes or even mentions the fuel pump. Is there a better wiring diagram for a 2002 model available anywhere?
Thought a replacement 'spare' pump would be straightforward but found there's more than one and I have a non-standard tank. Presumably some of the pumps are shallower as the lists include 'side door' types.
Maybe I'll have to wait until I have the pleasure of taking the tank out before ordering, but at least a spare relay will eliminate that as a possible cause .
Have you tried the manufacturer of the conversion as they made the tank they will know what pump is fitted. Ive used Gowerings of Newbury who do thousands of conversions and they are most helpful.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Good idea - Brotherwood conversion, so I'll get in touch with them! Found the fuse OK but have yet to pull battery out to find relay - the ECU box sits behind the battery and I can't see anything on the bulkhead so I'm guessing/hoping that the relay is attached to the inner wing....somewhere!
Thanks for the replies folks!
Just a follow up - relay located - bit of an afterthought of a hiding place by Citroen, but fitted a new relay and (touch wood) it hasn't missed a beat since, so have held off doing anything about pump replacement. Thanks for the advice!

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