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[Filters & Oil] Pitch black oil
[Image: 8818e0d382512a3747fe95a031fe4fbe.jpg]

I can't believe how bad the state of this oil is. It's completely black, I bet the previous owner hasn't changed it in years

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Looks that way - maybe an engine flush before refilling?
Or, I prefer just to do a 1000 or so and then change the oil again when the engines hot with the wheels slightly elevated i.e. drive onto some planks - so the sump fully drains.
Looks as if its a diesel engine you've' got . ?

Completely normal even for a few hundred miles.

Hope its not your concrete drive you've been doing it on. Huh . The oil will never come out.
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If its a diesel the oil will be black within a few miles IME. Changed my oil for DOE in Nov. , but slightly over filled it. Drained off the excess two days later (about 40 mls) and oil was as black as the oil I had changed. All filters were changed at the time of oil change.

Now if that is out of a petrol engine then that's a different matter. I have seen 10,000 mile old oil from a petrol engine come out, while not like golden honey, still fresh looking.

Those ramps don't look too safe ;-)
Yeah I've made a lot but of a mess haven't I... I've poor some drive sand to absorb it and limit the damaged.

It's a Diesel engine yep. I've done the flush before emptying the existing oil. Might do another flush later old.

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I remember back in the '60s the neighbour used to park his Humber with two wheels on the pavement so the sump plug was right over the road drain and let the whole lot go.

Not so environmentally friendly back then I guess.

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