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berlingo 2.0 hdi Blue smoke on idle
Hi there

I purchased a berlingo 2.0 hdi 2006 the van drives brilliantly no smoke or anything untill you leave it idling for a while then it smokes blue smoke. It clears after you have driven it down the road. The smoke doesn't smell like oil it smells like diesel the same sort of smell I used to get on a cold start on my land rover. Im hoping its not knackered I think maybe egr or injectors. Thanks it advance jake

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Hi Jake it could well be the EGR bit it could also be a few other things we dont want to talk about yet! Maybe worth a EGR clean and see how things go - also the 2.0hdi can be a little smoky at idle when they have some mileage on them.
Well today i was out in the berlingo and the problem is when its left to idle for over say 10 mins its starts smelling like diesel fumes really bad but doesn't smoke untill you rev it or pull off then you are followed by clouds of blue/grey smoke for about half a mile then it clears and goes back to normal. Been checking oil and its using none. Thanks

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I have seen this before on a 2.0hdi - identical symptoms to yours and it was the temperature sender telling the ECU lies e.g. Saying the temperature was well below freezing, long shot but they are only about £20.

You really need to have a diag done and check the live data with the vehicle running.
Okay glad to know it could be something simple i have lexia. What should i check for? Thanks for your help

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Well we will see but as far as telling you what to look for it could be anything that doesn't look right you really need to know what you are looking for. Sorry but i cant help any more than that.

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