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2008 Berlingo Multispace water leak
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Hey guys! I have a problem. Water comes in in car, where are passangers feet. It comes from where heater is. It's second time in last month, but I canct understand either from rain when it stays out or when I drive. Anyhow, under the plastic between hood and window I cleaned, so it's not because of that place. Can anyone help? Thanks!
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Could it be the heater leaking? Are u constantly topping up coolant? Any abnormal temperatures?
(17-03-2017, 04:14 PM)Civvic Wrote:  Could it be the heater leaking? Are u constantly topping up coolant? Any abnormal temperatures?

Laat time I took it off and it was not heater. There actually is nothing in him to leak. Also drainage to him was empty.

I refill (add) antifreeze like every 2 month.

Abnormal temperatures?
And this.

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Just a guess but sounds like the heater matrix/radiator behind the dash boards gone? Had one go on my old 306 d turbo a few years back, dashboard out to replace them unfortunately.....fiddly job but do-able with time and patience
If the heater is empty (?) then it has probably been leaking and has an air lock in it . If there is a bleed cap in the engine bay where the heater hoses meet the bulkhead then you can unscrew it and if there's no water coming out with the engine ticking over then the matrix is full of air. Which may be a good thing if it is leaking, but any leak will allow the cooling system to depressurise and affect cooling.
If there are some drips then catch some on a piece of white plastic bag - if it's green/blue and feels sticky on your fingers then it's coolant.
In the short term you can clamp the heater hoses to stop a leak, but, as Pete says, it's not an easy job to get the matrix out.

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