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Courtesy lights don't work
The interior light won't switch on when I open the doors. The door switches seem fine. The interior bulb works because when I remove the key from the ignition the light turns on.

Any idea where the fuse is for the door switches? And any idea what it can be the cause?

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Just to add that the switch has only one wire connected which doesn't make much sense as it is a switch right? The wire is white

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Sounds like an earth switch - it makes contact when the plunger is released. Try taking switch out and earthing the lead directly.
Thanks oilyrag. Just tried that but nothing still not working.

Previous to it I disassembled the switch completely and sandpapered the connections.

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Just a thought - is the actual light switch in the correct position as the courtesy lights can be switched off and won't operate when the door is opened. You haven't mentioned manually switching them on, so they may be off!
The door switches are earth switches and are rubbish things , always giving bother on the older models. As oilyrag said try earthing the white wire directly on the body.

Does the light work when the passenger door is opened. ? If so swap them over or buy a new switch , not dear .

Fuses on mine are F8 and/or F11
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Mine have never worked- both door switches are missing and I can't find the wiring inside the door pillars despite poking around with endoscope thing! Open door light is also always on on dash. Have lived without them!

Not helpful I know- sorry!

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