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[Steering & Suspension] Another Front end knocking problem.
My 2008 Berlingo Multispace 1.6Hdi XTR seems to have developed the knock that many others have from the front end. I've replaced the drop links [as they were quite worn] but it doesn't seem to have made any difference. Had the vehicle up on axle stands and checked for broken springs, track rod end wear and lower ball-joint but all seem OK [and in fact it has only recently gone through a MOT where I asked them to double check and they couldn't find anything] The only thing I have noticed, both when it was up on the stands and when I first turn the wheel when driving off, is that I sometimes get a knock. This appeared to be from the inner track rod end when I had it up on the stands [and the MOT person informed me inner track rod ends are not an MOT fail] 
Based on that I am going to replace both inner track rod ends but here is where the fun starts, there appears to be a multitude of differing lengths of inner track rod end, do I need my VIN number to be able to purchase the correct one? Also I believe to make the job a lot easier you can buy a inner track rod end removal tool, but again there appears to be a lot of different size ones on the market. What size is needed for a Berlingo? Finally, as I will be removing the outer track rod ends to gain access to remove the inners, is it best to also replace those at the same time? [vehicle has done approx 80,000 miles]

Thanks for any help.
Following this thread. Did you have your top mountings replaced?
So, finally got around to looking at this properly and my problem turned out to be a combination of worn inner tie-rods [didn't seem that bad when I took them out but had a small amount of play] and a tie rod end that although not loose was actually "notchy" when I removed it.

Changed the whole lot [both inner tie rods] and both tie rod ends this afternoon using Meyle spares and taking advice form an earlier post about inner tie-rods I purchased an inner tie-rod removal tool which makes the job a whole lot easier [thanks Lighty]

I have listed the tool and the spares I bought, from where I bought them from, it is not a recommendation of any sort, just info that I am passing on [other tools and spares are available from other outlets Wink ] 

Note: my vehicle is a 2008 Berlingo Multispace XTR 1.6Hdi parts may be different on other vehicles

The universal inner tie-rod tool was the 35-45mm size. I ordered it from this shop on Ebay yesterday from this supplier and it arrived today! [Made by Bergen]    

The inner tie-rods and the tie rod ends were Meyle [a German spares company]

The tie rod ends were:


Hope this helps someone, as I know the knocking was starting to annoy me! Apart from the knocking the other symptom I had was a slight vibration at speed, which I thought was wheel balance, but I had it checked a couple of times and it was fine. Now all appears to be OK.
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How long did it take you to do it ?


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The inner tie-rod tool arrived around lunchtime, started the job about 1.30PM had done both sides by 4.30PM, took the car to get the tracking done at 5PM all finished by 5.30PM, so not long at all but I suspect it would have been more of a struggle without the inner tie-rod tool.

Additional stuff you will need. 

Tie wrap straps for the boot on the inner end as they have those "one-off" type clips that you snap open but cannot re-use. The outer end has a re-usable type clip.

Some blue thread locker for the inner rod inside end [steering rack end] Blue is the stuff made to be undone again if it ever needs to be removed again, don't use red thread locker unless you don't want it to come off again!! 

Some silicone type spray grease to make it easier to remove the boots

It's pretty straightforward, I should have really taken some photos but it was really hot today and I just wanted to get the job done as quickly as possible.
Well done on a result and for giving an idea on timings ! Useful to many ...........

I would caution on the thread lock though as colour will depend on the manufacturer !

Useful info can be found here on product selection including " breakaway torque " ......
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
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(26-05-2017, 10:59 AM)geoff Wrote:  Well done on a result and for giving an idea on timings !  Useful to many ...........

I would caution on the thread lock though as colour will depend on the manufacturer !  

Useful info can be found here on product selection including " breakaway torque "  ......

Good point Geoff, I used Loctite 242 [which I should have mentioned]

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