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Air conditioning
Hello all!

Last week was a bit warm here where I live, and I tried cranking the A/C unsucessfully (although I used it sucessfully during the winter time to remove moist from the windscreen). The pressure of gas was quite low (I connected diagbox to check, less that 2 bar), not enough for the system to engage the compressor's clutch. The same happend when I bought the car 2 years ago, and a full charge of the circuit costed me back then 100€ for 450gr of gas in a local workshop. So this time I did a bit of searching, and found that I could buy a cylinder with the equivalent to 2 charges of gas (900gr) and charge the system myself. I also bought a can with an appropriate rubber sealant for the gas circuit, and introduced it in the system at the same time. Overall I paid for both things the same 100€ as I would pay in the workshop for a normal charge.

Although the gas cylinder brought a manometer with some "coulour code" pressure indications, when I connected it to the circuit, the gauge immediately went to a red "danger" pressure zone... (the compressor was not working at this time)...

The manometer felt very plasticky, not very reliable, so I went on and released some gas to the interior of the circuit. The compressor started working immediately, and I left enough gas to enter the circuit, until I felt the cylinder was more or less half empty. Then closed the circuit and weighed the cylinder again (I noted its weight before starting, using a kitchen scale). From the weight difference I added 360gr of gas to the circuit - great. I proceeded to add the content of the sealant can (the instructions said that the full content of the sealant can was equivalent to +50gr of gas). So on total, I added 410gr of gas to the circuit, that was left working, making cool air - and hopefully a bit less leaky this time. I will see for how long this charge stays, and let you know. I still have enough gas to charge the circuit one more time, this next time, with no cost.

Overal, it was as easy as checking and correcting the tyre pressures, with no major leaks.

How often do you charge your a/C systems?

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  • ron
Never have in the six years I've owned it. Was warm here (Schweiz) last week too and it worked fine.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

I had my last one serviced once in the 8yrs I owned it. After 4yrs. It was still working ok but Cit garage did say the gas was low. The recommendation is every 2yrs I think. I had a/c serviced at same time as car service/mot. I was told to bring car back after a few days so they could check for leaks using some sort of luminous fluid they had put it. It was ok & was still working ok when I traded car in last month. I always run a/c for at least half hour per week throughout year.
It's good that you have managed to make your system work, however, before regarding the system it is neccesary to vacuum the system for at least 30 mins, to remove ant moisture particles from the system .
For this service, we charge £40, so it represents great value compared to your canister regas.
It is normal for the system to need topping up about every two years.
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  • ron
Ok, in the UK, prices are a bit less steep that here in Germany...they charge a hefty bill for the gases around here...

I am also aware that the system should be put in vacuum before a full loading (to remove moist but also to check if the system is gas tight), but since I already know it is not gas tight, I was hoping this time that the sealant could help.

I have never had a "leaky" air conditioning circuit before. Do you know how expensive it may be to fix this kind of micro-leak by replacing parts?
Yea looks like you get charged a lot more over there. The New R1234yf gas is very expensive here, I bpurchased a new machine to service these systems last year, but not used it yet. 5kg of this gas is £500, where as 13kg of R134a is about £60. So prices are going to be huge to do these new cars, this type of gas is not used on Berlingo's you will be pleased to hear.
The most common cause of leaks is the condenser, a replacement here in the U.K. Would be about £200, fitted + vat
Hi Lighty,

Did you ever replaced condenser that was repaired by liquid latex ?

What is your opinion about reparing small leaks , really , really hard to find
with pouring special liquid latex inside tubes ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,
(07-04-2017, 06:57 AM)brajomobil Wrote:  Hi Lighty,

Did you ever replaced condenser that was repaired by liquid latex ?

What is your opinion about reparing small leaks , really , really hard to find
with pouring special liquid latex inside tubes ?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

no , I have never used this method, or seen it done. The new Condensors are so cheap in the U.K., it seems pointless, pipes on the other hand are a lot more costly.
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  • brajomobil
ATS have a deal on at the moment, under £29 for a regas done with the proper machine, includes gas dye and oil, it took about a hour on my Vivaro and is working well.
You will need the code AIRCON40 you can book online and pay by card / PayPal or you can download and print a voucher, book over the phone and pay at the branch.


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