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Hello everyone
I joined a while ago but just plucked up the courage to post.
I have a red 2005 Multispace hdi that I have owned since 2005, his name is Bertie Berlingo and I am very fond of him!
He is very well looked after and I am so attached that I want him to last husband cannot understand me at all and has tried every trick in the book over the last ten years to persuade me to either have a new car (anything brand new!) or at least a new Berlingo!
We live near a company that puts chrome on vans so two years ago Bertie was "blinged", as my husband put it, with chrome accessories which are probably a sacrilege to enthusiasts but I think he looks lovely Heart
Anyway I just thought I would introduce me and Bertie x
Well done for posting Sue a hearty welcome to you both ( and Bertie that is ! )

Clearly you are attached and rightly so, don't give in to the husband and only change when you choose to do so, the older style Berlingo is an ideal combination of size and modernity plus the style is enduring even against other brand new cars.

What colour is " He " and do you have a photograph ?
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Thank you Geoff, I will try and do a photograph but may need my son's help!!

Bertie is a dark red metallic consequently my son thinks it is hilarious to repeatedly pretend to answer his phone and shout "Pat's on the phone and wants his van back" !!!! Big Grin

Forgot to mention that he has an extra job which is towing my little Eriba caravan - she is called Phoebe and is 28 years old !

I am also a bit of a mad dog lady and that is another reason I think Bertie is perfect; he carries my precious Basset Hound in style...............bit embarrassed to admit but Bertie's number plate is K9 LVX !!!! Rolleyes
Hello and welcome Sue, Stick with what you have, its ideal for "mad dog" types Big Grin
They are excellent dog transporters (and anything else for that matter !)
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Oh and one more thing that I am sure lots on here will relate to - all the family say "why don't you have a new car etc etc" but when anyone is going to Ikea whose car do they borrow!!!!!! Big Grin
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Hi Sue.You post away.No posts,no forum. I had an M59 'till last year.I prefer it to my new one.My Berlingo is called Kermit,'cos he's a frog.I can't wait for a pic of yours. Big Grin
Strawberry flavoured windows  Dodgy
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My M59 is red also though not metallic .....
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Hi Sue welcome to the forum, its funny they all say why did you buy a car like that I wouldn't be seen dead in it. Then when they have a settee, bed, timber and so on to move who do they call?????
Ps if your husband has money to burn I don't mind spending it for him lol.
And hi to your Basset my second favorite dog after my retriever, you don't see many bassets anymore.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Hi Sue and Welcome to the forum..I'm not long through the door myself and this truely is a nice friendly place to be, among fellow Berlingo fanatics.

“The trouble with having an open mind, of course, is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.” 
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Hello Sue welcome to the forum good to have you and Bertie with us Smile if you like Bertie with some bling that's fine you have it the you like it . Cool
                                     Smile  It's too orangey for crow's It's just for me and my dog  Smile

                                                        Heart Heart Love a lot trust a few  Dodgy

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