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Hey everyone, i have a weird question.

i have a 2004 berlingo 2.0 HDi, and a few years ago i got a bluetooth OBDII dongle that connects to a smartphone app, and no matter what i tried the app would not recognise it.
so i forgot about it, and blamed the software since the smartphone would pair with the device.

then a couple of months ago i bought a obdii scanner in a sale, again in lights up scans but then says linking problem.

so i'm starting to doubt if i really have OBDII or the first one, since the manual doesn't even mention it at all.

any of you know or tried to connect to a similar model before?
could my OBD just be broken or malfunctioning?

thanks in advance
If it's 2004 it should probably work. There are other posts on here about the connectors being pushed out of the back of the socket by the BSI. I'm assuming that you've got the app to pair & talk to the OBD device? What device & app are you using btw?
hey thanks for the reply, i did not receive an email notification, anyway i had a bluetooth dongle with an app my phone paired with it, but the app could not read the data.

and recently i bought a cabled version with led display and everything and it gave me a connection error. can you point me in the direction of the posts you mentioned?
Sorry, can't remember the actual post and there are quite a few with Lexia & OBD that turn up in a search. You'll need to surf through them which might turn up some other useful tips along the way. All I remember is that there was a post saying one or more of the connector sockets in the car's OBD connector had been pushed through to behind the connector.
Not all of the sockets are populated so finding a few blank ones is to be expected. Post a picture of your connector and others will be able to compare it?

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