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Road noise
Anyone got any tips for reducing road noise? I dont have a proper sealed bulkhead so a lot of noise comes into the cabin from the back.
What is your budget or other constraints...

I'm assuming this is a Van, not the MultiSpace?

You could install sound-dampening material in the walls and rear doors. Add those black asphalt sheets on the floor.
Or hang a heavy felt curtain behind the seats...
Yes it's a van. The rear is lined with plywood and I suspect most of the noise is coming through the floor and wheel arches.
I find the best this to do is sit in it in the drive and dont start engine or move its nice and quiet then ;-) I got van ply lined sounds fine to me not over excessive
I've carpeted mine over ply and I dont have an excessive amount of cabin noise...also look at your tyre pressures and tyre types these can contribute to noise levels also

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I have stuck rubbery sound deadening material behind all my ply lining and under the ply floor in my van (available from B&Q). I have also stuck the same material onto the cab side of the ply bulkhead which I made. On unlined metal e.g. the van ceiling, I have used those self-adhesive bitumen sound deadening panels 50cm x 20cm, which I got from "Motorsave".

I also changed my tyres from Michelin EnergySavers to the much quieter running (and better handling) Michelin CrossClimate tyres. I like to think that my van is as quiet inside as most cars, and as I can drive up to 2,000 miles a week, it needs to be!
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Get yourself a copy of this months Car Mechanics ( April ) as it has an article on sound deadening and types material used very informative.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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If you want to do it properly you better use the proper pro-grade materials. I put some info on sound-dampening my Multispace here, makes noticable difference and my Berlingo is like a big leap of a price class-above over it's intended original car.
So what did you do and what is the outcome Beaver?

I've just come across this thread because I want/need to reduce the noise in my van so I'll resurrect it rather than starting another.  

It's fine running around locally but on long motorway journeys with my club foot it's so noisy I can't hear anything through my Bluetooth visa Parrot Mini Kit when on the phone.

It's ply lined but that's it, I'm happy to lift the ply and place these rubber strips everywhere if it's going to help, but do they need to cover the whole metal surface area or just spotted about.

Also, the main noise I beleive is coming through the roof of the cab, mainly because I've got a big roof rack and I can hear that whistling and vibrating a lot! Would these pads and even some EPS help fitted to the inner cab roof and is there enough room behind the lining?
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Use something like dynamat butyl sound deadening on the roof about 50 - 75% is plenty,it's only for stopping the resonance. Then stick 8-12mm sound absorbing foam over the deadening mat.The foam absorbs the majority of sound frequencies.
If you get some with a layer of heavy vinyl glued to it it will work wonders.
I live in Australia, over here majority of car sound installers(and myself) use the Chinese Happytiger products. They adhere very well and are as good as dynamat at deadening and absorbing the unwanted sound waves.
My car stereo is the pioneer dex p99rs high end head unit,so I had to have a very quiet berlingo to get the most from it:-)

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