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RD4 Radio Poor FM Reception
Hello all,

I've got a factory standard RD4 radio/CD player in my B9 Berlingo. The FM radio reception is very poor, only the strongest local stations are listenable, often even they cut in and out. My home and other car FM radios work just fine around here.
What sort of FM reception do you other owners get?
Has anyone any experience of the problem and cured it? Might my aerial be faulty?


No problems with reception on mine. I'd check antenna as a first step. Unscrew it and make sure there is no corrosion or other impediment to connection.

BTW, I deleted your second, identical post to avoid confusion.
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Is your RDS switched on? This allows radio to find strongest signal for station. If it is on it will show 'RDS' . on the screen. If not go into radio menu & switch it on.
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My radio reception is poor and has been from new, I put a bigger aerial on and it made no difference whatsoever.

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I won't renew the Aerial then! But I will check aerial connection at the radio end.
I did check to ensure that RDS was on, and it was, but reading this Citroen C4 forum item on RD4 radio it might be that the RDS is actually the problem.
Do you have a USB adaptor plugged into the 12 volt cigarette socket ?  If so, try removing it.
Some of these adaptors are poorly designed and radiate hash all over radio spectrum, giving exactly your symptoms.
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  • Matt Haigh
RDS isn't that the bit that allows your listening joy to be rudely interupted by traffic alerts ?
I had a older RD4 radio unit in a PUG 307 that had an interesting feature, that when activated, would give this apparent behavior of poor FM reception: it was about focusing the automatic tunning of the radio stations in a "local" mode or in a "nation wide" mode. When nation wide mode was on, the radio could only tune to 2 or 3 nation wide emitter radio stations, ignoring all other weaker, local radio station signals...when off, it could tune all stations, like a normal radio would...

You have to fiddle around with the AF and REG functions, and see if the FM reception improves...
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