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Dangel 4x4 rear brake discs
No. The 405 disk is too small in diameter. The disc on my car measures approximately 268mm. Thickness 12mm. Height 35-36mm. Center diameter 66mm.  Have not found any replacement so far.
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(04-11-2021, 07:37 PM)Akarlsvik Wrote:  No. The 405 disk is too small in diameter. The disc on my car measures approximately 268mm. Thickness 12mm. Height 35-36mm. Center diameter 66mm.  Have not found any replacement so far.

Any luck finding rear disk 4x4? I got some unsure help from autodoc

I'm even having issues removing the disk..all bolts off and it still doesn't budge and I hammered it plenty.

It seems to have splines as integral part of disk, but maybe they connect to hub.

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You need to take a close look at the back, and see if the disc+hub is one piece, or two. As it has a disc retaining screw, logically it's two-piece.

Where is the handbrake mechanism? Is it part of the caliper?

I would not try to hit\pry the disc away, in case you snap the disc. Heat the wheel mounting face, and hit onto that. Use copper or brass hammer, or something to avoid damaging the face. If you can get it apart, then you can measure.

There is -no way- that Dangel are making their own unique discs, at most they might be reducing the diameter of the disc. I'd bet they are std. Citroen parts.

Are there any part numbers on the caliper mounting bracket?

A quick hunt showed 2002-09 C3 front solid discs were close, 27mm height otherwise right.

Edit - these look very close, I think the PCD is wrong though.
Please check another pair of pics.
Even though it has a disk retaining screw which should make it a 2 piece, protruding center hub seems to be a part of the disc. Or rust fused together. Will remove again and wire brush it for further inspection.

You can also review hanbrake mechanism if it is same as from regular model. I had bracket removed but did not inspect numbers at that point.

Dangel directly said disk and bearing are their specific, and can be separately ordered. ABS sensor is standard.
Only want to replace noisy bearing and resurface the disks, to extend some life if they are really special and expensive.

Once removed, can recheck dimensions more easy.
Autodoc are very confident in their disk offer for this model.

Outer diameter should be 268. And PCD should be 108.

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That does look less 2-piece from that angle - get right in there with a wire brish and have a good go at it. A knotted brush on a grinder is good for this.

On the other bit - Dangel will not be making their own bearings and discs. The bearings - if you remove them carefully, you can use the bearing and seal numbers on the parts themselves to find replacements. Companies like this will have them -

Sidenote - I did exactly this about 20 years ago for Mk2 Escort axles. People sold the halfshaft bearings for £LOL. I read the bearing numbers, and ordered a massive box of the right part. I've only recently finished selling them on eBay. Big Grin

If you can get the disc off (and it is just a disc) it's game on to find a match.

Also worth bearing in mind, is that a near-match can be modified in many ways. PCD, centre bore and overall diameter are all changeable with access to a lathe and milling machine. The disc thickness, offset, flange thickness could be adjusted a little, but not much.

But I got fairly close in a few minutes with a handful of dimensions. Wink
Oh, just for fun I had a look at a Berlingo B9 rear disc, which has the "integrated" wheel bearing. I found a photo of an actual part, and the bearing had "FC41394" stamped on it,
So anything Dangel have fitted can be found - just don't wreck the part numbers. Smile

I also did more brake-disc hunting,

35mm height
268mm dia
12mm thick
108mm PCD

71mm centre bore, but a few minute's work with a lathe can create a spigot ring to solve that problem.
I wrote posts but only quotes remained.

Those dimensions seem more accurate.
Authorized peugeot service currently have sale on brake pads. Buy pads and pay labour, get rotors free.
If that includes bearings, and my specific disks...still cant get a definite answer. 180€ for the job. But they are very unresponsive and are checking only by VIN, which does not correspond to reality.

Id rather replace by self if could manage to remove and measure them, bearings included, but if hub has splines and is a part of disk, then 150 for single unit is probably not enough.

Preheat the hub area is only thing I can think of, to loosen the rotor.
(10-04-2024, 03:01 PM)shtu Wrote:  35mm height
268mm dia
12mm thick
108mm PCD

71mm centre bore, but a few minute's work with a lathe can create a spigot ring to solve that problem.

I've had the car lifted at authorized dealer. We serched for parts by VIN, and he could not find any. After few calls, as this cars are rare here and they dont have much experience, he was told by central Peugeot that only direct Dangel order through authorized centres can be made by special parts list.

I'll order bearing only, probably pay it in gold, and hopefully receive a manual for disk removal.

We did not remove wheel but only inspected the hub from behind and it seems that the whole bearing/hub unit is also bolted from behind, as I already suspected. But this has yet to be confirmed. 4 quite large torx.

Up front, the center part around central nut is the part of the disk, and outer diameter of center edge is around 65mm.

Disk seems standardish, but dont know where the splines are cut out into. If they are part of the disk, then there is really no way to find alternative.

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