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hi guys plz help me
hi guys joined this hoping to get some help

i have a 2001 berlingo van 1.9d love it apart from today theres a problem with the locking my van locks and opens with a key i dont have a fob.

the other two key holes must be filled as i cant lock or unlock them two.

when i go to lock the van it locks then straight away it reopens i cant get it to lock and its my work van!1:brickwall:

had the door card off and lock out cant see any problems ive managed to lock it though after a few hours of playing around but it goes straight back to how its and wont lock again if i open it,also when im driving it its showing theres a door open on the dash??

any help would be great thanks.
So the locks are bouncing and the dash says one of the doors is open?

I had a similar problem with a 206, for me, i never solved it but believed it was a problem with one of the locking mechanisms.

Worth checking, including boot/back doors.
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yeah i think its the drivers door mechanisms hard to tell as it cud be any sideSad realy doing my head in as i need to lock this whilst on jobs tools ect....

wont even lock when your sat inside it....
hi billy wizz. im guessing all your doors are shut correctly and the door sensors are saying they are not. notice the little push button sensors on the inside of the doors. maybe it is faulty or it is not making full contact with door when closed. suggestion is to push the button sensors down into the frame and possibly tape them down so it constantly thinks the doors are closed and try locking it via your fob
Im guessing if the sensors are not closed/pushed it fully the central locking will think a door is still open and will not lock.
1.6 HDi Berlingo van , 2011 plate
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HI Billy Whizz, you will have to replace one of the solenoids in the doors, I think both sides should be the same, either get a new one or go to the scrap yard etc, replace the drives door first, if that's not the cure then do the passenger door, and don;t forget the rear door. in theory if you pull the electrical connection off the drivers door and press the key fob and the other doors lock, that will be the one to replace, try this with all locks till you find the one that's not working correctly.
good luck.:wave:
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BASS LINGO thanks mate will give this ago cheersSmile

BECHSTIEN,thanks for the reply ive pulled the lecky conection out tired all 3 doors still same problem i even pulled all 3 out and left them out and its still showing theres a door open on the dash.

thanks again guys.
oh and it aint on a key fob key only if the matters at allSmile?
tried everything nothing working had electric test on it today not a thing showing up,ive left all conecters off the central locking,and locking it from inside and with the key like the old days lol what a joke im going to buy a lock for the back so i dont have to keep climbing in it mental ha.

thing is the lights still on the dashSadbut not sure if that fails mot or not??

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