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[Engine] cant get past 2000rpm
My dad has a 2001 Berlingo Multispace Desire 1.9d (DW8), with 98k on the clock. The van is incredibly well looked after, and the only parts thats ever needed replacing were the front left wishbone, and the clutch. 

recently its developed an annoying problem

  1. lack of power, feels like the hp has been cut in half.
  2. puffs black smoke every 8 seconds whilst idling.
  3. white smoke between 1800-1900 rpm
  4. and the main problem. cant get the engine past 2000rpm. If you rev it whilst parked it goes smoothly up the revs and throws black smoke near the top end. If you're driving on the other hand as soon as you get to 2000rpm, the engine starts lurching violently. its almost like someone is slamming on and off the brakes.
originally i thought it would be the EGR choking the engine (butterfly flap sticking) so i took it off and tested it and it was working fine. so i put it back on and thought i would disable its operation, and go for a short drive, the engine could now make it to 2500rpm before it started lurching. 

my next thought was that maybe it was down to the advance timing solenoid not advancing and causing it to flood the engine. so we got a new one and tried it no change. 

the only other things i could think of is, Crank speed sensor, injector fault, or maybe faulty MAF. 

has anyone had this problem before (i looked through the forum but couldnt see anything that matched) or have any ideas what it might be?

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