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[Engine] Sudden shudders thru the accelator pedal and engine management light comes on
I own a 2011 berlingo 625 lx hdi 75 which i assume makes it a 1.6 hdi engine(correct me if I'm wrong i haven't a clue) about two months ago as i was driving i noticed a shudder through the accelator pedal and the engine management light came on this continued to happen so the car has been garaged twice since, 1stime they replaced a valve i think was either called ecr or ecg  and when i got it back it happened again so this time the van was mapped which they believed would solve this problem but unfortunately it hasn't my only clue that I've in got is this seems to happen more as the fuel gauge goes lower and on one occasion i couldn't get 2 miles but as soon as i gave her a drink i was able to drive over forty to the garage  i have yet to breakdown completely and would appreciate any feedback as its hard for the garage to be able to drive it and experience this happening due to it being an intermittent problem i love my wee van and don't like her being sick. Thanks paul
I've just had a second thought would the wrong oil at last service be a contributing factor cause this started bout a week after the last one and i gave him a jar i had out back that i thought was ok and its first time i didn't buy it in the motor spares
using my registration
Okay first off how many miles on the clock?

i suspect its a tank off job to check for a blocked pick up because you say it gets better when you put more fuel in it.

where are you taking it for repair Citroen or back street? What fault codes were there to replace the EGR and git it a remap?

I cant understand what you are talking about re the oil change? Jar from out the back!? what the hell are you talking about????
There is 125000 miles on the clock and the oil was just from a random jar i had normally i would give my registrarion in the motor shop for all service needs I'm just trying to give as much info from around the time as possible i really am not good when it comes to vechiles
As Polar says and has the vehicle been serviced properly at correct intervals using correct oil not any old crap you have in the garage and fuel filter replaced. It does sound like a fuel starvation problem. Why would a garage remap when its not running properly to start with.
I'm not having a go but if you don't know much about vehicles take it to a decent garage who work on modern engines.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Spot on Tomcat and thank you re fuel filter i missed that one god only knows why my mistake, it should be the guys first port of call! But it is strange that adding fuel helps the problem and this modern diesel does have a tendency to grow crap in the tanks and fuel filters.

It sounds to me like you say major service time from someone who knows what they are doing and a decent live data diagnostic.
The van had new oil and filter every 10000 admittedly last time was 12000 and now I'm thinking this problem actually began before last oil change they changed fuel filter when i first brought it in said it were rotten
I'd take it to a Citroen garage & get it serviced. At least they will have the gear to fix it. otherwise you are just throwing good money after bad.

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