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power seats
Due to an argument with a speeding vehicle, I was on foot. I need to change my position very often as I drive, that and the weaknesses and damage done mean I really really need an electric seat. I would like to buy a berlingo as my present car is unusable, I really love the Berlingo, it woukd be perfect for fishing, holidays, filling with junk etc etc.  but despite all my efforts can't find any way to put in or convert to an electric seat. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions or has done it themselves and would quote me a price I would love to have it done. I can no longer do any of the work myself, but quite happy and grateful to pay. If anyone has any alternative suggestions all gratefully received.
(27-04-2017, 12:48 PM)doofer Wrote:  It might be worth trying one or more of the various companies that specialise in converting them for wheelchair/disabled use.  I realise that you're not disabled, but they're the first type of company I can think of relating to making these kind of modifications.

Alternatively, if you fancy an in-depth research project, the Berlingo's platform is shared with many other Peugeot/Citroen cars, so the seat rails may be closely related or interchangeable.  If, for example, a posh-spec Peugeot 308 was available with electric seats then a trawl of a scrapyard might solve the problem.

You would need a power supply too, plus controls.  There are two plugs under my seat - one is for the side-firing airbag, so clearly shouldn't be mucked about with.  There's also another plug that's lying loose and unconnected under each seat.  Perhaps this could be re-purposed, I don't know.

It may be for heated or powered seats if these are an option in other countries, the Berlingo has quite a few options that are not available in the UK - I can think of headlight washers, adaptive cruise control and rear swing doors (instead of a tailgate).  It may even be that elec adjusting seats is an option elsewhere, although it's probably more likely to be for heated in colder countries.

By the way, the Berlingo auto is excellent, plus it includes cruise control as standard.  I never use my left leg obviously, but my right one also does nothing while cruising - I'm basically just sitting down.  I'm not injured but I have long legs and big feet, and I found the standard double-width brake pedal got in the way, so I swapped it for the narrower one that's fitted to the manual version.  I can now fully stretch out my left leg into the gap where the clutch pedal would be.  I can also step the left foot to the left side and, if cruising, can briefly stretch my right leg across into this gap too, if I need a stretch.
Thanks for that nice to know there are some options and will post if I find out more,

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