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[Brakes] ABS Light
Howdy all, returning to the fold as changing job so loosing company car so taking berlingo off miss Smile

Typical just as i'm about to get it back something happens to it. 

ABS light has come on, took to garage diagnostic has said i think driver side sensor, they replaced it and still same fault. 
So saying it must be bad wire to the sensor, no auto electrician at the moment due to jury service. 

So getting car back, seeing if i can help trace/fix myself. 

Anyone got any tips, directions, photos to help point out what looking at or where to start. 
Been reading here so jumping back at the deep end.
Obviously a quality garage you used  Blush
Try checking the connector to the sensor, possible it's got damp and corroded. Some contact cleaner and a scrape might fix it. Had this problem recently with a knock sensor on daughters Zaphira and a crank position sensor on the wife's micra.

I had a abs light come on a couple of weeks ago, I went up the local jet wash and gave each wheel a good go spraying the discs, callipers etc through the holes in the wheels, the lamp came on once on the way home but has stayed off since.

I'm putting it down to either dirty sensor or connection but don't know for sure, my front wheels were coated In a lot of brake dust which made me think the sensor could of been dirty too.


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Looking details adding the car is the mk3 model if that helps.

Does the abs unit have a fuse that I can check if so where is it. Found wiring but it joins others as travels the car so don't know where it stops to ether behind battery or into fuse box.

Picture attached if any help.

Garage saying drivers side wiring from abs connector to abs unit is faulty. Thou not tested myself and would like to.

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Have had this issue with C4 Picasso quite a few times, it's often a wire broken in the harness somewhere. We usually run a new pair of wires to the abs unit, rather than searching for the wiring fault, which could be hidden behind the engine somewhere under the bonnet.
Wiring behind the battery is vulnerable, especially if the battery has been venting slightly, broken wires next to the neg terminal are quite a common thing
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