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Misfire/stutter when driving?
My 1.4 petrol multi space has a weird habit at the minute- sometimes when driving it will just stutter or misfire and then go back to normal! The other day it cut out completely but restarted and continued rest of journey fine!

I have replaced fuel filter and spark plugs and it's still doing it. Having searched forum I reckon it's either the fuel pump relay or pump itself according to other similar posts.

Would rather try relay first as it's cheaper, so does anyone know if this part or the right one?

Thanks in advance as usual!
My 1.4 did similar things, but cut out for a couple of seconds then carried on as normal. I replaced mine with part number 240109, which is as per the Ebay listing. The relay is hidden behind the battery and its casing, so take the battery out, lift the casing to one side and there it is - 10mm spanner job, takes a couple of minutes. The relay has a sliding clip that locks it into place.
Cheers & good luck!
Did you see that the Ebay listing was from Lithuania - I got mine from these people and can recommend the service - posted within 24 hours, and cheaper too
No didn't notice Lithuania thing! Will get cheaper U.K. one and give it a try!

Weirdly enough the one I bought doesn't fit my car- the part code on the part on the car is is 240107 not 240109. The relay pmconnector pattern is slightly different, so I've asked to swap it!
Bloomin Citroen! eBay said 240109 was right part!!
What a bu**er ........because I mistakenly bought a new 240107 from Euro Spares, thinking it was the right part, and it didn't work - when I took the old one off it and looked at it closely it said 240109!!
So I then bought a second hand 240109 from Chris, which then did work. I therefore have a brand new 240107 here if you have no luck getting a swap done.
Bloomin' Citroen!!
The bloke I bought the part off doesn't have the right one on stock- do you want to swap? Can send you the 240109 to swap for the 240107?!
Can do -I'm in Ireland! Can you send me a PM?
Have sent you a PM!
Have got your address, but need your surname for sending. Cheers.

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