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1.9 XUD or 1.6 HDi ?
I've been looking for weeks for a Berlingo for the Mrs, and have been focussing exclusively on the 1.9 XUD (non-turbo) engine models as someone told me the XUD is "bulletproof".  However, I'm having trouble finding suitably good 1.9 vans within a reasonable distance.  However, I can get one of several HDi models, but I'm wary of the HDi engine being potentially more unreliable and more expensive to fix when it breaks.

Are my fears unfounded or is there something in it ?  Time is getting on and I need to get a van soon now and I'm wondering whether I'm being unreasonable in rejecting all of the 1.6 HDi's out there ?

Many thanks for all help !
The HDi's are great IF they've a full Service history.Neglect  is the only reason they fail.Good hunting.
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Read the forum, the question has been asked loads of times, you'll find all you need to know.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
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try for a DW8 or DW8b 1.9d engine , these superseded the XUD engines and have better fuel consumption and they are more bulletproof than the XUD s.  After sept 2002 all 1.9s are DW8b

 As already said the hdi engines are great if they have been looked after.
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I've had both engines. The 1.9D (2003 van) felt pretty unburstable (I once drove from Southampton to Leeds at 80 mph non-stop), but even driving normally, the best mpg I could get was 42mpg. My next van was a 1.6 HDi 75hp, and it not only had bags more torque for pulling uphill loaded, it regularly returned 54mpg. The turbo models need to be well maintained, but are superior for performance and mpg.
Just to add,
I think you may be wise to avoid a 1.9d as they are quite a high emission engine and given the latest "Diesel Witch hunt" that's going on you may find yourself taxed off the road.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
I have a 1.9 non turbo 06's bulletproof but slower than cold treacle and try as I might 34 mpg is the max I get...I've used injector cleaner, new air filter, I drive steady, but even so...
I will say it will sit on motorway all day at 70 and flat out (on a private road honest officer....) is a measly 88mph.
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The 2.0 HDi is the best engine of that vintage. Reliable, economical, smooth. Pretty much bulletproof. Should you need to replace bits they are cheap enough secondhand from the usual places nowadays. I've been getting over 50mpg recently from mine taking care. I never get less than 38mpg even beasting it!

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Main point with 1.9 is that it is old tech indirect injection so cheap to repair. It does still have to have a service history & cambelt change at 80k miles. Also tap pets may need reshimming after 100oddk miles. 1.9 is as stated quite slow & overtaking things needs a bit of care.

I would stick with 1.9 though if you want something cheap because if old hdi with no service history goes bang then probably scrap. Much better performance than 1.9 though but you need service history preferably from main dealer workshop.
As JJ says do a search as the 1.6hdi debate has been done to death and there are STILL loads out there still running LOL

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