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Help please - Injector problem ??
[Image: 2dtbv9i.jpg]

[Image: 2j4brjq.jpg]


I have a 2011 1.6 75hp tdi diesel engine which i just bought a few days ago.

There seems to be a bit of oil or something around the base of one of the injectors , its hard to photograph it but you get the idea.
The stuff does seem to be dry and the engine is driving perfect, maybe someone spilled a drop of oil at some stage ?

Any cause for concern here ?
these might be better pics here

[Image: 35bb0nt.jpg]

[Image: 2emg9k4.jpg]
Might be worth cleaning it off with some petrol & spray cleaner. It may not come back, or if it does you'll be able to see the source. Doesn't look particularly bad.
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Thanks Oilyrag, that sounds reassuring
I have it booked in for an oil change during the week, ill get my mechanic to check it out then
(07-05-2017, 07:48 PM)michaelg Wrote:  these might be better pics here

That is not oil. It is too high for oil to go upwards. That is diesel leaking from nut.

Best regards,
It's a leaking injector seal, not a nut, get the injector seats cut and refaced plus a replacement sealing washer and sleeve and your good again, very common and before anyone says it nothing to do with turbo failure! It's basically carbon from burning diesel, with a bit of diesel mixed in to make a tar like substance, it seeps up the four inch tube the injector sits in past the washer at the bottom due to the high cylinder pressures inside each cylinder, normally it's the 2 injectors at the flywheel end that do it
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What sort of money to get seats recut and seals replaced ?


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Van booked in to get the aforementioned work done next monday morning, thankfully its only one the one injector in my case,
Cost should be between 80 to 150 euros depending on if the injector is seized and hard to get out.
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Thanks Michael.


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Chaps, this will be getting repaired in 7 days, ya reckon its Ok to keep driving in the meantime ?

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