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bleeding new user
Hallo, I'm rich. Hoping to find some help here so I can do a lot of stuff on my berlingo myself. I have a 2004 2L Hdi.
I have just replaced the thermostat housing. I didn't drain the system. Does anybody think I need to use any other bleed screws other than the one on the housing itself?
Hi Rich there is a Haynes Manual on the Forum for free download, have a search it will be invaluable to you.
thanks for that geoff
Thanks geoff. Just had alook but couldn't find it. Sorry I'm new to this forum business. Can you tell me where to find it?
Hi Rich, there's a bleed screw (looks like a tyre valve cover) where the heater pipes enter the bulkhead and another bleed point on the rad near the top house entry. If you have trouble getting the air out then cut the bottom out of a plastic bottle that has a neck that will go into the rad cap hole (I use a bit of loft insulation pipe to make it seal, but gaffer will do. Fill the rad up to the neck only and run the engine and the level will go up in the bottle and then a few big bubbles will come out, which would force water all over the floor without the bottle. Blip the throttle now and again and also open the bleed points and after five minutes you'll have all of the air purged.
I've found the bottle makes all the difference when I've done this.
Thanks for that oilyrag. The only bleed screw I can find is on the thermostat housing. Also my rad doesn't have a cap, so do you mean the expansion tank cap?
Yes, sorry, the header tank. Also you can squeeze the hoses to get bubbles moving if there are no other bleed points. Ideally run the engine until the cooling fan kicks in, by which time the water is going to be hot enough to scald, so be cautious.
thats great thank you
(25-05-2017, 08:02 PM)richierich Wrote:  Thanks geoff. Just had alook but couldn't find it. Sorry I'm new to this forum business. Can you tell me where to find it?

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