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Coolant leak
Hi all,
Could use some help and advice.
I have a coolant leak. 
I was driving my van and noticed that the temp gauge was increasing very fast, I pulled over just before it got to the red. 
Turned off engine and heard like a gurgling sound. Waited a few minutes and went to check the coolant tank - was empty. 
Filled up with some water I had and managed to get it to a friends house. 
I filled it up again and noticed a few drops of water on the ground, it took about 3 litres. 
For a while I couldn't find a leak anywhere until I filled up with water again and saw a drip. It looks to be coming from around the oil filter area. A square finned block which is the oil cooler I think??
It seems to be coming from the bottom of it, I haven't got underneath to have a look. 

It seems to leak more when the cap is off the coolant tank, put it back on and it slows down. 
I've put a tray underneath to see what comes out, it's pretty much just water with a slight small trace of oil. 
There is no trace of oil in the coolant tank. 

It has never overheated since, in fact, the temp runs lower than it used too. Now runs at around 82, it was 90 before. But I have to fill up about 3-4 litres a day. 

I'm thinking it def needs a new oil cooler? Could be cracked?
So, drain water and oil, new oil cooler, new oil filter, new oil and coolant? Easy diy job?

If anyone has any other thoughts, suggestions, advice it would be much appreciated. Need to get this sorted so I don't have to keep filling up with water all day so I can get back to work. 
It's a 57 plate, 1.6 

Hi Dan,
if you can see coolant dripping from the oil cooler then this is more than likely the cause,
the reason it drips quicker with the cap off, is because you're letting air into the system,
I'd suggest adding a bottle of Barrs Leaks to the coolant, hopefully this will temporarily cure the leak from the cooler,
& if all seems well, you know that's the problem, which you can sort at a later date.

Best of luck.
Mk1, 1.9D, Admiral Blue, 51 Plate.
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Thank you. I put some radiator stop leak in and that seems to have sealed things up for now, not loosing water anymore.
Gives me some time to source some parts.
Oil cooler doesn't seem the easiest thing to get at, does the radiator need to come out?
Also is it worth changing the thermostat at the same time?
With the van jacked up and safely supported, undertray removed if it's there, you can get to the cooler fixings -5- a mix of bolts & a stud. You might as well plan to drain the water system and do an oil and filter change at the same time as everything is accessible, along with renewing the thermostat. You need to get a new set of O rings for the cooler.
When adding coolant remember to use antifreeze mixture.
Cool, that sounds a bit easier than taking bits out to gain access.
Wheres the best place to source parts? I've find the oil cooler on euro car parts, not such if it includes the seals though?

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