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Multispace 1.9D Y-reg fuse diagram needed please.
Hi all!

I've looked all around this forum at many fuse-related posts, but none of them seem to match what I need.

This is my fuse box...

[Image: y4mFIQkqadMB_9iB6_qknGqke3cvvb4MqQM4YB_5...pmode=none]

The lists I've seen don't seem to match as things such as my indicators are working fine, but they say that my fuse (26) is empty.  I also only seem to go up to 28, not 30, so I'm assuming the ones usually shared are for a newer model.

The main problems I have are:

Fans are constantly full power (I assume this is a switch issue, but I'd like to remove the fuse just to turn the damn things off!)
Rear wiper doesn't work (I need to check the fuse before the motor - and this is necessary for an upcoming MOT)
Driver's window won't power (I think this is a larger problem with the unit itself, but I can use the fuse for a spare if it's lone)

I also want to make sure that all the right numbers are in the right places - I'm pretty sure a 7.5 doesn't belong in there anywhere, for example.

Other than those things, the car seems to work fine!  I've even downloaded the entire tech document in the how to forum but that doesn't include a diagram either...

If anyone can help me out that'd be greatly appreciated.

Hi Blindingphil welcome to the forum, sorry I don't have a diagram for your car but may be able to help with a few. When you say the fan do you mean interior fan and if so it only works on full power but the other settings are dead? If yes it will be the resistor pack in the blower assembly easy to replace about 15 quid. If you cant sort rear wiper before the mot as I remember remove the wiper arm and It wont fail the mot but a knowledgeable mot tester on here may help with that one.They do suffer from water seizing the motor spindle. If its just drivers window not working check for power at the window motor if its there its probably the mechanism. Get a replacement from breakers or cheap enough from parts store.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
Hi Tomcat3!

Yes, the heater/blower fan is on full whack all the time.  The temperature works fine, and the source (outside air or recyc) also seems to - it's just the power that's an issue, which should change based on my source, as far as I can tell from the dial...

I looked into the removal of the blade and it looks fine to get through the MOT like that - especially as I intend to sign-write the back anyway, I don't even really need it.  I just hope it's the fuse as that's somewhat easier to fix!

As for the window.....  It's a whole lot of problems inside the door as well as just the fuse.  I looked and parts of the mechanism are mangled, I'd just like to make use of the fuse if I can Smile
Just an update... I pulled 20 today and the blower didn't stop. So I pulled 21-23 as well, just in case, and was still going all the time. So I'm in no way helped by the 1-30 charts I've seen Sad
My rear wiper does not work. Passes its MOT with everything left in place.
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.

engine fuse box
2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo

 fuse box and under dash fuse box

2001 1.9d DW8B  Berlingo
brodfather11 - you are indeed a community gem, thank you! The lack of a fuse in the blower relay may explain the lack of control on power. Also the lack of AC fuse will hopefully explain why it doesn't even work... My horn is weak, though it does work, so maybe that's because I'm missing one in 17....
I'll check a couple of these out later and see how they react to what we're expecting, and hopefully it will fix a those annoying problems Smile

malgpz900 - technically it should be failed on the wiper being present and not working. It's possible the guys just either didn't check it, or figured it was mostly a pointless rule considering you can just remove it Wink
I asked the question and was told the rear wiper was not part of the MOT
2001 1.9D Multispace.
Diagbox diagnostics in Northumberland.
Well, either way it definitely works now the fuse has gone in!

The 13-17 on the diagram above are reversed in my car, I've noticed, so it may well be that mine are right but I'll pop some fuses in the empty ones tomorrow just to check.

This is definitely the closest I've seen though - thank you again! Smile

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