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Thinking of a berlingo, are they reliable
Hi there I'm in the market for a small van and one that caught my eye is the citroen berlingo.  I like the size and style and also a big bonus is the one I'm looking at comes with a twin passenger seat, do all the newer models have this? After a couple of Google searches I'm a bit put off with a lot of negative feedback the engines are getting, blown turbos etc. The van I'm looking at is an 2011 berlingo 1.6hdi. Approx 67,000 miles. Could any owners of similar vans please tell me what they think of there's and any problems etc they've had. It would be much appreciated. Cheers
It's all down to proper maintenance. Proper oil (must meet B71 2290 spec) and regular changes. I change mine every 5500 miles. Wrong oil, long intervals between changes and your are looking for trouble. Needs a full, well documented service history.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

I ran a 2010 1.6 HDi L2 van for 343,000 miles from new. I had a turbo fail at circa 270,000 miles, but it cost £400 to fix. Had to buy 2 new front coil springs which I changed myself £170 the pair. All other expenses were on expendables like cam belts, filters, brake pads and oil. You need to change the engine oil and filter every 12,500 miles.

It was so good, that I bought another replacement L2 van in 2015, and i'm now at 134,000 trouble free miles with that van.
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take the blown turbo stories with a pinch of salt - incorrect servicing is the cause 99.9% of the time, usually extended oil drain intervals or scrimping on the oil used.
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Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply, that's put my mind to rest a bit. Courier Jim that's some pretty impressive mileage your getting. I would probably only do at most 6000 miles a year so I suppose a service yearly would be fine. Cheers
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That must have told a bit of working out doofer. Going by the replys the berlingo seems to be a pretty reliable little van.
(15-06-2017, 09:12 AM)doofer Wrote:  By my maths, that means a new Berlingo would last you 57 years!

Assuming that you don't crash it, it doesn't rust, diesel engines don't get banned and everyone isn't driving nuclear-powered hoverboards by then.

We bought ours brand new in 2014, and the plan is to replace it with the new model when it arrives. Not the 2018 one but the 2028 one! 14 years seems to be completely reasonable in a Berlingo, at our 12k per year.

Assuming that Jim's van cost £15k new, that cost 4p per mile to run, assuming it was worth nothing at the end. That's incredibly cheap motoring.

Actually doofer, my 2010 van only cost £9,500, a.) because I am able to reclaim the VAT I paid on it, cos it's for business use, and, b.) I got a good deal on it, because it had been on the dealer's forecourt for some time, and he wanted to shift it. The B9 is a great van!
hello I am a courier on my 3rd berlingo van just gone over 552000 they are great vans serviced every month
our 02 multispace is still going strong at 15 years old, at the end of the day its body rust that kills vehicles , berlingo hasnt had any welding , our slightly older transit has had loads for the last 5 mots

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