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Night heater
Just wondering if anybody has fitted a night heater.
I've just purchased a berlingo multispace to convert to a camper

Any information greatly received 

Hi squiddley,

I have an eberspacer fitted to my Berlingo. It's mounted in the boot and is run off a leisure battery.

At first the heater was on the floor which stopped me having the spare tyre underneath, but now I've raised slightly in a boot bed cupboard and routed the exhaust a different way not to over heat the tyre.

Had it fitted in for about three years, although before that I had one in my other van.
Thanks for that.
As a matter of interest where did you position your leisure battery ?
Hi. I just fitted 1 in my berlingo multispace. I put mine under passenger seat. It's a neat fit. Needed to drill holes threw floor and cut carpet back. I run it from battery but then I changed my battery from 60ah to a 100ah.

Makes camping sooooo much better. Love it.
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  • squiddley
Thank you,do you mind if I ask what you have actually done to your van? Camper wise ...
Thanks again
Not much. Less is more for me. Still need the berlingo as a car for work. And a small van.

Bed! Took parcel shelf out and made 1 up of plywood. This then is used between front and rear seats when folded down to create a bed. 2x self inflate mats at 5cm.

Windows! Bought silver foil for behind radiators in house from b&q. 1x roll 14 metres. Cut out window shape with this. Bought suckers of eBay. This then sticks to window and 99% black inside.

Night heater obviously.

Couple plastic boxes to Crete longer bed and put things in.

That's it.
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Hi, sorry I haven't been on for a while.

My leisure battery is in the boot, I've made two boxes either side of the boot with a plywood folding bed.

I considered putting the battery under the seat, but didn't think it'd fit.
Had my 2009 multispace for about 5 months now, done a few bits to it as I sleep in it 3/4 nights a week as I work away from home....
Anyway I was going to get fitted a webasto diesel heater , which I have fitted to previous vans.
Very good heater..

The company who fitted the heater to my previous van, wouldn’t fit one to my berlingo..
 Said it was to auckward...( to much hassle for them I think)
 Any body know any companies that would fit one...
 Yes I know I could do it myself. Limited on time and facilities..

Thanks in advance....
If a diesel powered heater is the type you want, there are simpler ones than the Webasto or Eberspacher units.

Google PLANAR.
These easy to install heaters can be bought complete for around £200.

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Just had a quick look on ebay and yep just over £200 from china, and double that from germany, russia or the uk!
I may be interested in one of these further on in my conversion, are the ones from china the same manufacturer and quality as the dearer ones?  Thats a heck of a price difference!

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