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Clutch pedal sticking down
When the engine is not running my clutch pedal when pushed in stays down and doesnt return when releasing my foot. When i start the engine it comes back up on its own. Its as if when it gets pushed down 80% of the way it seems to lock into place and you have to either start it or flip it up with your feet to get it back up.
Some of the earlier models had a problem with the clutch linkages at the gearbox housing with the lever shaft starting to sticking its housing at the bottom . It led to the thrust bearing pressed up against the fingers on the pressure plate all the time, this eventually wore all the fingers away and you were left with no clutch if the thrust bearing lasted that long.
If yours is like this its possible to dribble oil/releasing agent down the shaft where it lubricated the bottom bearing where the shaft sat. The shaft lever should be nice and free to move with the cable disconnected.
Or the thrust bearing is sticking and not moving back when pedal is released.
Gearbox out then !
Or the clutch cable insides is stuck and worn a groove in the outer covering and needs renewal.
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