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[Engine] M59 Petrol Engines ?
I was wondering what the general view is on petrol powered versions of the M59? I bought my 2.0HDi to check out the possibilities for camping and general use. So far I'm quite happy but wondered if the petrol versions are also as good.
Simply better. TU5JP4 engine is same one used in Saxo, it’s about 110hp with enough power to keep everyone happy and has very similar or identical MPG. Not to mention the benefits you get compared to say your 2.0 HDI
+ Never have to read topics like “My turbo blew up should I get new 500gbp or reconditioned 250gbp”
+ Never need to worry about the cooling whether its summer or winter, start-stop are not an issue
+ No EGR valve to disable, they simply didn’t fit one
+ No ABS pump, traction control or hundreds of airbags you need to worry about
+ Another positive is you will never buy a Petrol and be disappointed its Automatic. Not 100% sure but I think I’ve only seen diesels in auto
+ Simplicity and cost: fuel pump 50gbp, coilpack 50gbp, spark plugs 4gbp, injectors 250gbp, clutch kit 50gbp / performance 100gbp, Crank sensor 10gbp..etc
+ Less weight: engine isn’t as heavy, no turbo, intercooler, no dual mass flywheel…
+ The ability to rev to 6000-7000rpm while still bringing 38-43mpg. It just drives like a slightly heavier 106/saxo with a higher roof. Doesn’t run out of stamina like diesel does after certain rpms when its not in the boost range. Overall smoother experience and sharper response. Also isn’t diesel more expensive?
+ Performance parts available if you have money, from bigger injectors to lighter pistons and individual throttle bodies. It’s not an unknown engine and it’s been tuned and used in Motorsports.
Of course there are some disadvantages:
- There is no 2.0 N/A version. 1.6 16v is their flagship model so an engine swap from a GTI-6 / V6 406 coupe is more desirable
- The van version doesn’t come with a petrol engine, only the glass version
- Because it’s French, it’s biggest kryptonite will always be the ECU/Fuse box/BSI/Com2000 that even a renegade running butt naked through the explosions armed with Lexia as a weapon won’t be able to fix. “But mate, it’s only 10 years old and 60k miles!” SCRAP IT!
- Anything electric is pretty much an issue waiting to happen so ordering parts in advance and having 2 of each is the best way to approach the petrol Berlingo experience. Example have couple of fuel pumps, a 2nd hand COM2000 to plug and unplug when it doesn’t start, a coilpack, some old spark plugs, a few sensors here and there
- Despite being rev happy you are still dealing with fly-by-wire throttle body. Yes it’s the most bullshit system you have ever seen, it’s cable operated up to the engine bay, then the sensor transfers the electric signal to the throttle body so you never feel like you are getting 100% feedback
- Only the Desire model is available with 4x108 15x6j ET18 wheels making them rare to come by because of the stupid offset. This isn’t really a Diesel/Petrol specific but worth mentioning
- If you are going to tow, doing so in a petrol is not really a good idea considering the single mass flywheel and constant high revving

I might think of few more and revisit the list
Interesting stuff! What about road tax for the 1.6 Petrol, from looking on Autotrader it's £220?
I was going to post in the General section of the forum but am stuck on the M59 at least for a couple of years due to finances so thought it best to stay in this area.
The first points made by Kokain are not a problem with the 2.0hdi and rarely a problem with the 1.6hdi however there is nothing wrong with the petrols either. If you do a search you will see some of the guys have done 300k + with their 1.6hdi's. Diesels can be more expensive when they go wrong and Lighty has had the occasional injector go down on the latest 1.6hdi's
I have the 1.6 petrol from new in 2004.

Overall it's a pretty straightforward engine and very easy and cheap to self service.

Mine has the added bonus of being on lpg for the last 9 years, so it's saved me a fortune.

The biggest draw back for me is that it's useless going up hills! Can't be done in anything but a high gear and constantly changing up!
(20-06-2017, 09:17 PM)tucker Wrote:  The biggest draw back for me is that it's useless going up hills! Can't be done in anything but a high gear and constantly changing up!

Not just mine then! I have a 2007 1.6. before I had a 98 1.8 petrol - that drove much more like a diesel. Supposedly has the same torque and -20hp of the 1.6 but I didn't have to change down to accelerate at 70 or go up hills like I do in the 1.6.

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