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Drive axle leak
I had the clutch release bearing go on my 04 2.0hdi a week ago. I have replaced the bearing and clutch, but after putting it all together there is a leak from the left axle seal.

I figured I must have damaged the seal during the installation so I bought a new one. I drained the oil, got the old one out and installed the new one. Put the axle in and refilled with oil. But the damn thing is STILL dripping when driving.

I can´t for the life of me figure out what is making it leak  Confused

Please help
Ive seen this before somewhere either on this forum or the citroen forum - im sure a different seal rectified it - was the seal genuine?
I recently bought a seal from ECP / CP4L. It's the original size seal which is slightly wider overall than the current part / normal replacement seal, it has nylon guides to assist the driveshaft insertion. Part number on the web site is 640545040. CP4L normally have a discount at weekends of 10-13%
I had some problems finding a large enough drift to put it back in square and think I used a small piece of flat timber in the end to finish the alignment. Although there's quite a difference between the spline dia and the seal dia, the chamfered shoulder on the shaft was really quite sharp so I smoothed it with some emery.
Best place I found for the correct oil was GSF, who also have a discount of about 50% most weekends.

Ah, just noticed that you're in Norway! The Elring part number is 128.250 size is 40x58x11.3
The seal I bought looks exactly the same as the one you are referring to there if the pictures online are correct. It has the same nylon guides, if I assume correctly those are the white "teeth" on the inside of the seal. I think it´s an "original" part though. I didn't´t look at the box it came in very closely.

I used a large socket, 40mm or so I think to knock it in.
Yes that's the one that I bought. Seems that you have larger sockets than me!

The original seals are 11.3 mm wide, but Citroen now specify a more common 10mm wide seal, those are normally what you see on ebay. As you've used the Elring seal, the only things I can think are that it got damaged by the shaft or it's somehow not seated properly.
Maybe get a 40x58x10 seal & try again?
I don't understand what the nylon bit is for ? I have genuine seals and they don't have it, the seal itself is thicker and is better quality than a standard seal.

 Did you rub some gearbox oil on the shaft and seal before assembly ? Always wise to lube before insertion..
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I have sockets all the way up to 60mm because I live on a farm and have to work on som tractors and other large equipment Smile

I lubed the seal with multi purpose grease both outside and inside before insertion. The fit was pretty tight so there is no way it is leaking from the outside of the seal.

I guess there is nothing to do but to change the seal once more, but I find it ridiculous that both the old and new seal are leaking.

There is a small gap between the seal and the seal/housing and the black part of the axle (2-3mm), is that like it´s suppose to be? I can't get the axle any further in with pushing og knocking on it with a rubber hammer.
If you are pulling the shaft out then it might be worth taking a close look at the shaft where the seal runs - it might have a wear groove, or the new seal is sitting on a previously unused part of the shaft which may benefit from polishing up with some emery paper or similar. the seal lip facing inwards (?) - by the sounds of it, with your experience, it is!
(24-06-2017, 09:02 PM)Mighty Wrote:  There is a small gap between the seal and the seal/housing and the black part of the axle (2-3mm), is that like it´s suppose to be? I can't get the axle any further in with pushing og knocking on it with a rubber hammer.

Yes, there's a small gap between the face of seal and end of the main shaft on mine too. You should be able to push the shaft in until there's a 'click' noise, pulling the shaft out also has a small amount of resistance to start with so I imagine there's a snap ring somewhere holding the shaft in. I found the click stop when I experimented a few times to find best way to get the shaft in before putting the seal into place.
The nylon teeth don't seem to do much on this side as the splines are a lot smaller than the seal, but on the other side there's not a lot of difference in the seal & spline diameter.
I can't feel any resistance when inserting or pulling the shaft out at all. Strange.

The berlingo has developed a rather bad clutch judder since replacing the clutch so i'm afraid I will have to do surgery on it one more time. Can't imagine what the problem is though.

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