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[Tires & Wheels] Rear hub identification
My first post on this forum, so please be gentle.
I am having problems identifying the correct replacement rear wheel bearings for my 2005 Berlingo Enterprise 19D van.
I have dropped the back axle and sourced a replacement because a torsion bar was snapped and the trailing arm bush/bearings were gone.
Brake backplates were taken off the old axle as it is an ABS model and fitted to the replacement. 
I then set about buying a pair of hub kits because Haynes says the hub will be goosed by removal.
Both a citroen dealer and ebay sellers describe ABS hubs as being "toothed", some 44 teeth and others 29. As you will see in the pic, there are no teeth on my ABS hubs, more like a ring of compound on the inner flange.  
Can anyone explain what is going on please. Huh
Does the compound contain embedded bits which are read by the ABS sensor? If so will a toothed hub be compatible with the sensor.
Any advice welcomed. 

[Image: 20170623_134557_zpszd9mwzfy.jpg]
Are you sure you have ABS because I don't see the sensor poking through the brake backplate , unless its hidden behind the hub in the picture.
The hub looks like a normal braking system with no teeth visible. As you say the ABS hub is normally toothed to allow the sensor to pick up the signals generated by the magnetic influence.
My skoda has ABS but the hub does not have teeth, the bearing itself has magnetic sectors built into it (approx. £100.+  per bearing but you get a complete hub for that)
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The sensor is not visible because it was removed as part of the strip-down. The hole is hidden behind the hub flange.
I am tempted to retain the old hub, repack the bearings and replace the hub nuts and dust covers.
The only alternative would be to buy non-ABS hubs and live with the ABS warning light being permanently on.
Permanent ABS light would fail an MoT, and the fronts may not function correctly. If rear hubs grease up & fit OK, run true and smooth then it could be worth taking the chance, but certainly use new securing nut.
Did the inner bearing come off with the hub?
The sensor reads off the plain magnetic ring, there are different types of reluctor ring and not all are toothed.
So where does this bit go then ?
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  • gordonmc
Makes sense.
I will take a chance and use the old hubs. The inner bearing races did not come away with the hub and as a race on the old axle became distorted when I used a puller I decided to leave the races on the replacement. The hubs feel ok when repacked and put on the replacement axle, although I have not torqued them to the recommended 185 LbFt as yet.
They were repacked with lithium grease.
Ffrenchie, do you know of a source for replacement hubs with plain magnetic rings? I cant find any in the on-line catalogue.
(26-06-2017, 10:05 AM)gordonmc Wrote:  do you know of a source for replacement hubs with plain magnetic rings? I cant find any in the on-line catalogue.

Which catalogue are you trying ???

Febi have a good online catalogue, I found hubs there of both types ( 29382 and 29384 )
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Do you have a link please.
I was using Catcar.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

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