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Which Gearbox
I have just bought my first berlingo, a budget machine that requires a gearbox, I have a friend with the same engine berlingo (2.0 HDI) that he is scrapping due to a long mot failure sheet so he is happy for me to have that gearbox. I am now thinking that to save me a morning and a bit of spanner wielding that I may leave his gearbox in situ, and buy a box so that I can just remove mine, fit a new clutch and throw the box in. eBay has loads of them listed, am I correct in thinking that you have to have a 2.0HDI specific box, or are the 1.9d and 1.6HDI boxes the same as well?
If you have access to a Haynes book have a look at the gear ratios for both engines, I would think that they are different and you would be best changing type for type rather than taking a chance

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The 1.9 has a shorter transfer ratios than 2.0, and its gearbox is not compatible with 2.0.

1.9: RPM at 100 km/h, fifth gear = 2800.
2.0: RPM at 100 km/h, fifth gear = 2300.

1.6? It may be the same as 2.0, I'm not sure...
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I'd bite the bullet and remove the friends gearbox in advance of fitting yours, better than buying second hand as you'll know its condition.
You describe the Berlingo as a budget machine so keep your money for buying a clutch assembly etc.
Consider a refurbished clutch if money tight - they are good.
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You'll have the choice of 2 second hand clutches, so you may get lucky and be able to mix & match the parts and get away without buying a new one, but probably worth fitting a new release bearing. Also, taking the box out of your mates van will give you a bit of experience for when you take yours out. You'll have saved enough money to by another Berlingo at this rate!
Yes always fit a new thrust bearing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never skimp on these .....
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart

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