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53 plate Blingo split rear seats
Hi all

My little mutlispace has the std split rear seat Config of the double seat behind driver side and single on passenger side.

Is it possible and if so how, to remove the seats and swap sides, so I enc up with the double seat behind the passenger side?

Cheers in advance Smile

Anything is possible with enough ingenuity and skill but I can't see any easy way round this and a lot of things to make it difficult right down to the mounting points on the car floor and the securing latches in the seat back.
So where does this bit go then ?
Hi ff
Yes the mounting points was the thing that "stuck" in my mind as being the crux of the matter too.

But not being an expert at all, it's always worth throwing the questions out there to see if it's been tried or not, the only other solution to what I want to achieve is to try to split the double so that a section of it can be folded down along with the single to give a little extra width down the passenger side to allow a bed to remain in situ whilst still having a functional seat behind me for a passenger, and allow me to raise the front seat easily so I can get another passenger in the front , but come bed time all I need do is plonk the front seat back down and the bed is made and ready to use with no fussing.

I'm partially disabled and it's a mare putting beds up and down etc in caravans and the like, so on short trips to visit friends and in particular my kids up and down the country and grand kids having a bed ready made down the passenger side would be a godsendSmile

As it stands although I can fit it's a squeeze - mind you it's more room than some motel beds in hong kong!! They're literally like slide in and slide out coffin beds in a wall !!!

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I wondered the same thing, but looking at the mountings decided it wasn't practical and probably not very safe to swap them around. I've put a folding seat from a van in the passenger side front so that I can get a bed down the passenger side. I took the rear seats out, but it's also possible to leave the rear seats in place and make a folding bed to go over them.
The only other thing that came to mind was buying a Left Hand Drive car, but again you're restricted to the length allowed by the front seats. I think the MK3 Berlingo has 3 rear seats that can be folded individually & easily removed but my budget doesn't stretch that far yet.
This is just a thought but do the left hand drive models driven by our friends over the seas have the same split arrangement or is it swapped round to suit. Perhaps someone over seas could confirm the split arrangement and if it is different the mountings could be in the bodywork and a change over could be possible if you can find a set of seats.
Are we there yet????? Huh
Ex 1.6hdi van now 3 seater 1.4 multispace
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Interesting ideas Tom and Can, I particularly like the idea of our Euro friends input about floor mount Swap overs as a viable solution and a clean crisp "validated" one Smile

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I think the seats & floor mounts are the same for LHD & RHD, just that the steering wheel is on the left so the passenger side has the double seat on LHD models. I expect someone will be along soon to confirm but here's a French picture in the mean time:

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