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BE3R or BE4R?

Just found this forum whilst looking (Googling) for the answer to a problem I have, and hopefully you good people will be able to help me and then I'll obviously stick around and get involved.

Just had a nightmare with my gear selecting so I limped to my mechanic and I need a gearbox! He also said it would be good practice to put a clutch kit in at the same time. 

So I've found a few companies on evilbay for the kit and the first thing they asked was, is the gearbox a BE3 or BE4  Huh

My mechanic hasn't got an igloo unless he opens it up, so is there a way of identifying the difference.

However, as stated at the start, I'm looking (needing) to buy a gearbox and again there's a few on evilbay but none of them declare they are either a BE3 or BE4, so, is it a case of just buying a gearbox to match my Berlingo 2.0 HDI (06) and then identify it and get the kit then to match what comes or do I need to know what current gearbox is in it and get that matched first?

Thank you.
Citroen Berlingo LX600 2.0 HDI Van (06)

Good for my work but great for carrying my golf clubs & trolley around the country  Big Grin
Haynes tells us the 2.0 engines Sept '02 onwards uses the BE4/5 gearbox

pre Sept '02 uses the BE3/5

There is a free downlod on this site of the Haynes Manual if you don't have one.

Worth having a search of Forum database for any further information.

edit : A new clutch is good practice and if the clutch is a recent one then a new thrust bering only needs be fitted.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
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This topic has an identification photograph as an example for you to look at ... use the code on yours to match up with a second hand unit, many ebay sellers will identify from this.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
Thank you, do you have a link for the manual please, I've had a search but can't locate it.

I found this but its only up to 2005.
OK, I've been on a site where dismantlers get back in touch and quote after I have put my reg and item required and I've been quoted both £150 and £180 delivered for a gearbox.

I've replied asking what mileage and what year the gearbox/s are out of which I think is important?

I've also found a site that supplies reconditioned gearboxes from £275 and I'm awaiting a quote back from them.

So quick question, is it worth paying more, possibly double for a recon with 12 months warranty rather than one stripped out of a van with 30 days warranty!
All depends on :

How long you intend keeping the vehicle
How much the 30 day one costs.
If you are doing the work yourself
How risk verse you are

and of course how free flowing is your wallet.

The £150 - £180 boxes will be no better than a locally sourced one that you collect yourself

Reconditioned - usually means lightly refreshed at minimal cost, consider how much labour charges are and when you reference that to purchase price there will be little left for the use of new spares.

Berlingo gearboxes are generally very good personally I'd go for a local one at minimal cost, you still have a warrenty but risk paying a mechanic twice.
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
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Thanks again.

I've gone for the £180 delivered gearbox, described as 'fully reconditioned' with 'everything inside brand new'! 

They've given me a 12 month warranty with that which I think was the deal breaker.

I researched and looked at a few Clutch Kits also at the same time and after reading some old forum comments and some evilbay comments, I've paid the extra and gone for the LuK kit rather than the cheaper chinese versions sold through Europarts and the like. 

Should all be with my garage/mechanic in 2-3 days so I will update at the end of the week how it all went and the overall costs.  

The only item I've struggled to find which my mechanic asked me to get at the same time is a Gear linkage Ball!
Different clutch cable asembly is likely betwen be3 and be4, if im not wrong.

Had a Pug partner 2002 with a nfu engine and be4r gearbox, googld it some were, pug 205 tuning site i think , and R stands for reinforced.

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