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Return of the misty Headlight!
My passenger side (left) headlight keeps misting up. I have no idea why and wondered if anyone else has the same problem?  After it being misted over winter I took the headlight unit out of the car a few weeks ago in May, dried it out fully, sealed the edges just in case although all the seals looked fine and put it back in. About 2 weeks ago the mist had returned, leaving the headlights on while driving has some effect but not totally, leaving the car in the sun is better but the mist is back again this morning.  The driver's side is clear so it's something about that LH side but there's no evidence of damp that I can see and the unit vents were not blocked when I checked them.
If it is possible to gain physical access to the inside maybe placing a couple of these common desiccant sachets inside would help.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

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  • Angela
(09-07-2017, 09:09 AM)3rensho Wrote:  If it is possible to gain physical access to the inside maybe placing a couple of these common desiccant sachets inside would help.

That's a great suggestion, thanks 3rensho. I have this problem too with no obvious signs of water inlet.
I had considered the desiccant idea before, but am not sure about what happens when they get saturated. Presumably they would need to be replaced / rotated on a fairly regular basis. It may be possible to put something in via the indicator but unfortunately this is the side with very limited access due to the fuse box.

What's puzzling is why this is happening at all, and only on that side? Maybe the lack of airflow is what's causing the problem? I'm going to take one of the rubber vent tubes off later today to see what effect it has.
Well, I left the indicator bulb out for a couple of days & it was a bit better inside the headlight, but after putting it back together the mist has returned! I'm totally lost at what to do about this, but at least the MOT man did not have any comments!
Take the bulb and cover off and run a hair dryer over the glass and blow it inside for 10 minutes every now and then.
So where does this bit go then ?
A quick update, I've removed the foam & inserts from 2 of the breather elbows and things are much better. If you remove the airbox snorkel it's possible to get at 2 of the rubber elbows. Hopefully with the elbows back on, it'll stop too much dirt or insects getting in.
Maybe just cleaning the small bits of foam would help, I'll try that later in the year.

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