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Hi everyone and happy new year.
I am still thinking of changing my bingo to a mk3 xtr but am struggling to find one a year or two old with all the goodies on.My question is can the rear opening window be retro fitted.?
nice idea, wouldnt mind doing that to mine if possible.
Not many seem to have this extra fitted even though it wasn't an expensive option.
Did spot the other day a black xtr with every option fitted from new,
modutop, rear opening window,reverse sensors, esp,blinged out windows,folding door mirrors,and some,only 6000 miles and six months old
starting bid was £11500 thats what the dealer offered him,it had gone off screen by the next day so i imagine it sold.
wow thats a good price, if you were buying, but if selling wow I`ve lost a lot of dosh in 9 months........was it on ebay? or private site.
Yes mate it was on ebay,he had paid £ 17.500 from new with every extra on it,but was now getting a company car so it had to go.Remember that £11.500 was the starting bid i don;t know what it sold for.Mind you still a big drop from new price.
yeh mine was £17k with extras, full retail price,thankfully I only paid 13K but its only vtr 90 so still a big loss. Guess I knew really it would go that way but, one always lives in hope [stupidly] ha ha . imagine it will be 9k or so next year, come it being 12 months old.
I would think it would be quite expensive to retro-fit the opening rear window.
Here in Belgium (and as far as I know also the UK) the opening rear window is part of an extra's pack which also includes the privacy glass and various other bits.
When I bought my XTR it was one they had in stock,so it had the pack already fitted.
The other pack I have fitted includes the parking sensors,cruise control and speed limiter and folding electric mirrors.
2010 XTR in black with bells and whistles

[Image: 5A50i.jpg]
We had the opening window fitted - only available with the tinted glass too. Not obvious from inside, but I'm sure it has an effect on the greenhouse! Doubt it could be retrofitted, except for a new tailgate as it would need the mounts in the tailgate and in the window aperture, plus the extra wiring for the heating elements. Definitely worth having though, as it means we can get in the boot when some prat has parked a couple of inches off the bumper.

There can't be many like it - we've still not seen another. They were subject to a recall because the stay mounts would twist and the supports drop off. Oops! That recall effected 157 vehicles manufactured between Jan 2009 and August 2009. That happened to me and I was going to take it in the following week to get it looked at, but got the letter asking me to take it in.

Interestingly, I've just had a begging letter from citroen asking if we want to sell our car back because they're desperate for the family pack versions and the opening tailgate. As IF!
The Bus: 2009 MkIII VTR HDi 90, 7 Seater

hey it would be interesting to seewhat they offered you in compared to what you paid for it,,

mine has a factory fitted rear opening window and i love it!!!!
They didn't offer anything because we're not interested in selling it. Its far too useful and we'd only have to go out and get something else instead. When you consider the alternatives, nothing comes close in terms of value.
At the time we bought it, for similar money we could have had a 3-year old S-Max or Grand Picasso type thing. No contest! Then again, for a bit more than half the money we could have had a new Berlingo First. I think at the time the total price was about £13k, plus they gave us an excellent deal on our knackered Subaru - almost twice what we'd paid for it in the first place. Obviously, once we've paid it off, we'll end up paying more. But that's how these things work.

Looking at auto trader, without the extra seats it looks like we'd be able to get around £9k now. If there is the demand implied, then I'd guess that £10k shouldn't be out of the question. £3-4k depreciation in 2 years isn't too bad. Especially considering the final value in a years time is about £4.5k.

We love the opening window too. Do you find if you've not opened it for a while it tends to stick to the seals? I can see that being a problem as the rubber gets older. Maybe a bit of silicon spray might help?
The Bus: 2009 MkIII VTR HDi 90, 7 Seater

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