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Black smoke after 10 min of driving, and loos og power
Hello everyone, I am having a problem with my berlingo 2008 model 1.6 hdi multispace.

Few months ago when I was driving in motorway I suddenly felt a loose of power and I stoped to check it out, nothing wrong, so I started to drive again and no problems for few months, recently has started to do this quite often until one day stoped running, it came with depolution system faulty, so I left the car parked and when I tried after  hour it was normal again, anyway I started to drive again and had it checked out by a mechanic and he found nothing, done a service also at same time. Now all the time I drive in the morning for first 10-15minutes drives ok, after that starts jogging rattling valve noises and black smoke, loose of power of course, so if I stop for half an hour it will run ok again, does anybody know this problem as it is doing my heading.
Hello Dafku and welcome. Did the mechanic put a code reader on it to see what (if any) fault codes were logged?? If not then I'd do that immediately.
2010 Berlingo Multispace HDi 110 with FAP.  Persamos green.

Yes, there is nothing to show on the computer, I drive to work everyday, after I start driving for about 15 minutes, exactly in same distance same place starts to make rattling noise and jogging and starts to smoke to much and loses power, no idea what's wrong with it
Drives normal for first 15minutes but the problem starts after that,
fuel pressure sensor starting to fail?
Previous Berlingo: 2015 1.6 L1850 90ps In Artic Steel inc Look Pack and Lighting Pack.

Current Berlingo: K9 2018 Driver M 100ps in Platinum Grey with Safety Pack
Maybe you can get some 'live' data from Diagbox when driving to show any problems, perhaps even a cheap OBD reader with the Torque app on your phone would show something?
fuel filter?

Injector faulty?

Fuel pressure sensor?

Maf sensor?
Black smoke, loss of power .... could it be the turbo on its way out ?
Black smoke & no power is too much fuel with not enough air.
My guess would be the Air doseur valve on top of the engine. The valve has the ability to shut off air to the engine.
Would be much better to get the van plugged onto diagbox & check the faults list before proceeding.
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We have plugged it in, no errors. So I am thinking to buy a maf or do something with the egr

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