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[Transmission] EGS 6 auto box
I started this thread in the Chat area ...sorry.
 So will start again.  I'm having trouble with a smooth start  in 1st and in reverse  as in juddering ! I must look like a complete idiot . Ive spoken to the dealer who sold it me , he says that they are sometimes like that. However some of you seem to get a smooth trasnsition and although I think Ive got a lot to get used to its not just me. !
 So, Ive been doing a bit of trawling about and came upon this forum and talk of the EGS6 in other Citroen models where there is reference to a software update and reprogrammed gearbox grid and clutch biting point .

Does anyone know anything about this ?
I take it you have a semi auto? If so they need re programming every so often from what i have learned on this forum.
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In my experience, reprogramming will cure it for a short while (weeks).
Ultimately the clutch and flywheel will need replacing.
We don't bother with the reprogramming anymore as they always come back agin the same.
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its done 30,000 miles and  its a 2012 model.  So, Lighty do I take it back ? The dealer who sold it me told me to get back if I wasnt happy. I wasnt anticipating spending alot on it since my 2004 and 95,000 mile  peugeot is currently going like a bird ! It dosnt make sense does it.? I know you take chances in life but I could have bought a cheaper model to take a chance. What are the approximate costs of the software update and the worst case scenario you describe ? thanks
My 2012 has done 126k+ (due for service @129k) has a judder at times , at its last service they checked it out saying it was within the permitted tolerance.  The problem is I keep judging it against my old 2011 Grand Picasso  but have been told its not the same system. 

 footnote. . As I was to travel Portugal (where I am now)  I took out the AA European break down cover which includes replacement parts up to £500 so have peace of mind 
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I took my Peugot in for MOT this morning and had a chat with the bloke who owns it , he specialises in Peugeot Citroen and has  said much the same as  Lighty ,he can 'nip' the clutch up which might help a bit , he cant do the software upgrade as it needs a main agent and the problem will get worse not better and will need a new clutch eventually. We'll see what happens when I get back to the seller , who assured me of his good reputation and his wish to see his customers satisfied. !
If you like your Berlingo in every other wayperhaps the dealer will replace the clutch for you FOC ?
2007 M59 1.6 HDi 

Serieal Berlingo owner  Heart Heart Heart
The reprogram is not a software update, it reprogram the gearbox grid & biting point, so it will help if the clutch is worn, however if it judders, this cannot really be eliminated, cost is @£60.
A software upgrade can be done if required, we have pass though capability & can connect direct to the p.s.a system which allows any updates to the latest spec for that car. We buy a token €30 per hour and then charge our time accordingly, so @£100 all in.
A new clutch , flywheel & bearing is about £900 & they drive beautifully afterwards.
I would ask for a refund for the whole car or a new clutch if I had just purchased a car and it had this issue, because in the end you will have to pay for it.
I also believe that the C4 Picasso & Berlingo systems are identical.
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thanks for the update everyone. So, I got onto the dealer and said that I did not like how the gear box was performing at road junctions and confined areas and also told him that some people  :-D had told me it wasnt normal to judder alot in 1st and reverse. I also laid it on with a trowel that he had said he wanted me to be happy with it.  The upshot is that he has booked it into the main Citroen dealer in Norwich on Wednesday . Perhaps Lighty, you could give me an indication of what they will do , what I should ask and what I should beware of. This is my one and only chance at satisfaction.
Geoff , yes he might , he did actually mention that . Its only done 30,000 though ,to what I am used to thats just barely run in!

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