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Gearbox noise of doom
Our recently purchased cheapy 05 2.0hdi Berlingo finally got its maiden voyage this evening, it was advertised with a noisy gearbox, the short test drive didn't throw up any terrible noises and for the price we paid we were prepared to have to put a gearbox and clutch in it if need be. The first ten miles this evening up the cornish coast was ace, it pulls well, corners well and stops well, changing up into 3rd was a little bit notchy but its done 167k so who cares. On mile 11 it sounded like the contents of a ball bearing factory had met with an unfortunate end and our evening trip descended into a loud "will we make it home" journey. The noise did die down a bit with the clutch in but it is safe to say that the gearbox is knackered. Looking online there are lots of boxes for the 2.0 HDI with different codes, am I just looking for a Berlingo one, or would a 206 HDI one do the job? Sat on my drive is my aunties seized 1.9d non turbo Berlingo, I have already posted about that one and my sons enthusiasm to pull it apart and find an unsuitable engine(206 gti) for it, the gearbox in that one is of no use to me is it?


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