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[Engine] new crank sensor, now vibrating badly at speed?
can anyone offer any suggestions what may be happening with my 2003 2.0hdi berlingo?

in february it suddenly decided not to start, the previous owner had told me that this happened to him and it was the crankshaft sensor so using the spare he had supplied i swapped it and no probs until yesterday.

after doing a few runs in the morning i went to start and again no startnothing just a lumpy turnover. i had a bosch crank sensor that i had bought as a spare so fitted that, no start. called the breakdown people and their computer showed that there was no crank reading.

this morning i bought another bosch sensor, fitted it, and all was good or so i thought. when i test drove it everything was fine until i get up around 60 at which point i'm getting crazy vibrations that increase with speed. oddly it feels like its from the back not the engine but not sure why that is. the engine itself sounds fine, so that may be a red herring.

this isnt a slight stuttering, like its missfuelling, but a vibration. at lower speeds and running around at about 30 its fine and you wouldnt think anything was wrong.

is it possible that the bosch part is in some way faulty and if so the vibration would be a symptom?

and just to complicate things, the second i had put the new sensor in the heavens opened and 10 mins later my driveway and garage was well over ankle deep in flood water. i dont think anything went up the exhaust but it would have been close.
Sounds to me as though the fault is with the clutch or flywheel & not the sensor. They don't fail often, so suspect you have another issue.
If anyone stumbles upon this thread looking for answers on a similar fault, here's what the prob was that caused the vibrations...


I have spent days on the www trying to find answers, even fitted a new cam shaft sensor too, and was beginning to think it could be that my cv joints had become contaminated with water in the flood.

But the last few days I began to wonder if the rocks that were carried in the flood could have knocked off a wheel rim weight, so yesterday I crawled under and where the near side rear wheel had been sat in the mud from the flood the inside rim was caked, and when I popped off the hub cap it poured out.

Quick clean, no vibration at all.

So I guess the moral is that sometimes don't look too hard for the cause of a fault, as I did, because it may be simpler than you think!
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