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ABS - again!link to the front left wheel.
I'm having trouble with my '09 Berlingo ABS again. I've had a fault code reader on it and there's no output from the front left wheel. Having swapped sensors around I believe this is not a sensor fault but a problem with the system. A couple of times I've had trouble which has turned out to be poor connections where sensors plug into the ABS circuit. I wish to replace the front left female plug on the ABS "harness" which has been disconnected a few times to solve problems and now looks a bit tired, but can find nowhere to buy such a plug. Can anyone help me identify the type of plug? Also, does anyone have information on which connections on the ABS controller link to the front left wheel. I may have to run a fresh pair of wires if there is a break in the circuit between wheel and controller.
Happy days!
If you suspect the connector plug can you not bridge it to see if it solves the problem?

If you can't find the find the exact same type of plug maybe you would be better off replacing the whole plug for a different type, a search on ebay for "vehicle waterproof connector plug" brings up lots of results.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Do what JJ says - but also try Maplins for the plug or a suitable replacement.
I'm having exactly the same problems with my 08 b9, ive had to leave it while I'm on holiday, but I will need to get it done on my return.
Please keep us updated on how you are doing and what you do to solve it.

Thanks ,


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Well it's all mended now - but I don't have any firm conclusion as to why. Going back to the start, I had an error code relating to the abs at the front lhs. I obtained a new sensor, fitted it and still had the fault code. So I took the sensor from the front rhs (which was working fine) and fitted it to lhs. I also fitted the new sensor which had not worked on lhs onto the rhs. The fault code was still there on the lhs, but the new sensor was now working fine on the rhs. This led me to conclude that the fault was in the abs system, perhaps a break in the wire to the abs controller, a faulty controller or a damaged plug where the sensor plugs into the harness. I took a variety of readings at either side of the harness plug, using meter probes which penetrate the wire's insulation but could not get consistent values for the voltage coming from the sensor to the car. I gave up, but before handing the car to a local who does a good job on electronics I bought another new sensor to fit on the lhs ( the old one was getting a bit knackered by now, with damage to insulation etc). When I fitted this new sensor the fault disappeared and has stayed away for around 100 miles.
The last sensor I bought was from Citroen - at £62 it was a bit pricey and I've now decided to buy from them as the last (MAF) sensor I bought from eBay had to be replaced, it being crap. This abs sensor was a tighter fit in the wheel housing, requiring a bit of a clean up of the area before it would fit in place.
So - was it a dodgy connection to the harness? Was the Citroen sensor slightly different in some way to the other I had bought? I don't really know, but again I have concluded that my abs problems have been about wiring, sensors and connectors. I would advise anyone to go through the basic wiring checks before handing their car over to a garage who might just indulge in component swapping and mis-diagnosis. It can get expensive!
Comments more than welcome!
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Glad you have it working again.

As to why the 2nd new sensor worked on the LHS, well it's anyone's guess, maybe the pin connectors on it are a fraction bigger so are making a better connection, or maybe the resistance of the sensor is slightly different so that is helping.

Hope the problem stays away and you have no more bother with it.

My vehicle .... 2006 (m59) Berlingo Multispace Desire - 1.6 HDI 92 
Hi Boxer,
Thanks for the update, when I get back it's high on my to do list .
What did your guy charge for sorting it ?


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I didnt need to, as the Citroen sensor did the job (just read my earlier post and realise I wasn't clear on that point).
When I passed it to him on another occasion it cost around £50 - I provided a sensor so was charged for time only. A good price but perhaps I was lucky that the fault was obvious to him.
Getting someone direct is likely to be cheaper than using your dealer - who may actually sub-contract to the same person.
I finally got my abs problem sorted, I took my car to Lloyd's Peugeot and Citroen service in Swansea. It was the airgap between the sensor and the ring was too big, I got him to mod the driver side also as it was likely to be on its way having done the same 120000 miles as passenger side.
I was worried due to mot due date and had visions of dodgy french wiring or possibly a new abs pump so was greatly relieved to have it sorted on his first attempt, where I with my basic knowledge was not getting anywhere.


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New to the B9 Berlingo, but I've learned with other vehicles that sometimes an Abs fault is triggered by having different makes of sensor on one axle.

I also have a Mercedes, and this has only recently come to light, due to an Abs fault code repeatedly showing up. Once two sensors of the same make were fitted the problem resolved itself. There is now a TIPS document from MB informing dealers of this characteristic.

Another Abs trigger of course is dirty or corroded reluctor rings, as these can confuse a wheel signal or stop it entirely.


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