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[HOW TO][M49] Install a 206 GTi steering wheel
I thought I'd do something that's sorely lacking in these forums; a how-to guide! If you prefer the format, you can view the whole album on Imgur (because photobucket is pure trash) with abridged notes right here.

First of all, here's what you came here to see:
The finished product. The airbag fits with no error codes, but the indicators (turn signals) will not auto-cancel as usual. See appendix A below. This could well work on an M59 too, but I can't be sure.

[Image: R1kFkPz.jpg]

Step 1
First of all, you'll need to find a donor steering wheel. Early 206 GTi wheels have a simple airbag with a single detonator, which makes life easier for you. If you're at a wrecking yard, look for 206 GTi's with body-coloured fuel caps. After around '01, the 206 got aluminium fuel caps at around the time they also got a multiplexed wiring harness. The new BSI unit used a "dual detonator" airbag which can burn slower or faster to allow a softer deployment for low-speed crashes. These airbags can still be used, but you'll need to research and decide which detonator to connect. I used the wheel from my '99 GTi which was wrecked by a taxi driver. The horn buttons in the 206 wheel are not connected because the Berlingo clockspring lacks that cable. The stalk button still operates the horn.

Time to remove the wheel from the donor car and remove your Berlingo wheel.

Step 2
To remove the wheel from both the 206 GTi (note: it's different for a non-leather wheel) and the Berlingo is the same process. Just repeat on both cars.

First, remove the battery cable, then try to start the car. This will help discharge any capacitors faster. You don't want the airbag controller knowing what naughty rules you're breaking and giving you an error code you'll have to reset.

Next, turn the steering wheel 90 degrees. This exposes a hole on the back of the wheel where there is a T30 torx head bolt. Use a torx key or bit to remove it. A torx head screwdriver probably won't work, as they're very tight. Turn the wheel 180 degrees and take out the other side the same way.

[Image: MM0HKHh.jpg]

Pull the airbag off and pull the cable connecting it directly away from the airbag. Pry it from beneath with a flat blade screwdriver if you can't grip it. Any horn button connections are just spade connectors like a door speaker.

Once the airbag is removed, you should see a big T50 torx head bolt behind it (below). Remove this bolt using the power of God himself. Nothing less will get it to budge because the 206 was built in a British Leyland factory. Then put the bolt back in just a few turns. Straighten the steering wheel as perfectly as you can, then start pulling it toward you using the power of God himself. The wheel will come free but be held by the bolt so you can make sure it's perfectly straight again before completely removing it. Remove the T50 bolt and the wheel. Be careful of the airbag cable which needs to be take through the wheel. Set aside with the airbag and repeat with the other car.
[Image: VthqsC4.jpg]

Here's what the Berlingo steering wheel's back looks like. Note how the round section extends beyond the flat section. The depth of this extension is the reason why a 206 wheel won't fit in a 306 but a 306 wheel will fit in a 206 or Berlingo.
[Image: SmNL4Ch.jpg]

Step 3
Swap the wheels and reinstall them by reversing step 2. Note that the Berlingo doesn't have a cable for the horn, so you'll have to leave it disconnected from the 206 wheel. As you put the steering wheel back on, thread the airbag cable from the car through the wheel. Be mindful of the hard section to the bottom of the cable and make sure to align it with the slot in the wheel. It spins very freely (part of the clockspring), so it won't necessarily be where you left it. Connect the horn spade terminals from the 206 wheel to the 206 airbag assembly anyway so they don't get caught up in the movement of the horn button. Connect the airbag cable to the airbag and bolt it back onto the wheel. If you have a later model 206 wheel, you will need to work out which airbag detonator to use. My guess is the high speed one, as airbags do not typically activate at low speeds in older vehicles. If you want a nice new 2009 wheel but a nice simple 1999 single plug airbag, just get the wheel and airbag from different donor cars.

Appendix A
This is a clockspring from a Peugeot 206. It's mounted behind the wheel and carries the horn and airbag cables through a rotating connection. When you remove the wheel, it will likely spin around, but it has an alignment mark to indicate where it should be positioned when you put the wheel back on. While the bolt layout and airbag plugs are the same, there are differences to the Berlingo clockspring. The 206 clockspring has a protruding block (just below the top bolt in the photo) which acts on the indicator stalk to auto-cancel it. Instead of that block, the Berlingo clockspring uses the part where the cable passes through to act on the indicator stalk. The 206 clockspring has this too, but as the extra block protrudes further, it doesn't contact the indicator stalk. As a result of using the cable passthrough to contact the indicator stalk, the Berlingo clockspring has this passthrough align with the left side of the wheel. The 206 clockspring aligns with the 206 wheel with this passthrough at the bottom. The different action of the indicator auto-cancel causes issues. Namely that the indicators will cancel too soon when turning right, and not cancel at all when turning left. So the obvious thing to do is to swap the clockspring from the 206 into the Berlingo with the corresponding wheel. Unfortunately, the 206 clockspring won't fit the Berlingo because the steering column shaft on the Berlingo is larger and won't fit through the 206 clockspring. You can try fixing this by adding a protruding block to the Berlingo clockspring and shortening the arm on the indicator stalk which it acts on. I haven't yet. Alternatively you could find a clockspring which would fit in a Peugeot 206 but has a larger centre hole. If you find one that works, please let the community know.
[Image: XYPRqUx.jpg]

All in all, I'd say the 206 wheel suits the Berlingo interior nicely. The leather would look more correct if you also have the leather seats from a 306 or Xsara. If you don't, you can always nab the leather headrests from the 206 donor car to put on your Berlingo seats for a tiny bit more peeled cow.
[Image: N6K5Cz9.jpg]
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why would you wanna whack a 206 gti steering wheel when u can fit a citroen ds3 steering wheel far more superior look in my opinion
Hi there,
I'm after a nicer steering wheel and seats for my 2007 berlingo van, just something to bring the interior upto date,
Instead of getting a wheel from one car and seats from another - is there one make and model of Citroen or Peugeot that will do both jobs.

Thanks all.
(31-07-2017, 07:22 PM)Lowride Wrote:  why would you wanna whack a 206 gti steering wheel when u can fit a citroen ds3 steering wheel far more superior look in my opinion

Friend, can I apply the ds3 steering wheel on my 2005 Berlingo m59?

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