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Airbag light always on
Just bear with me, I know this had been discussed so many times.
So my airbag light is always on. I found a broken wire under the driver seat in the brown connector. I soldered back, still light on.
So I thought: try the horn with ignition off. Works. Is this normal or earth is playing up behind the airbag?
I tried to remove the airbag, but no luck.
I changed the head gasket, cleaned the brakes calipers, bleeded the system, changed coolant thermostat and so on, but those effin retaining clips! I hate them genuinely! I hate them on my bike and officially on the car too!
The car is 2004 1.4 multispace.
Tomorrow I will ask the garage close to my workplace, if they say something silly money I need to do it because my MOT runs out on Monday and this is my commuter!
So the question: do I need to stick the screwdriver from the dash or try from the back of the steering wheel(paralel)?
Thanks in advance

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You will need to reset the airbag after doing any work on the wiring.
Ok, how I do that? I disconnected the battery.

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No you need some kind of diagnostic kit or a code reader and reset unit.
Just like I thought, iI will try the garage tomorrow. Thank you!

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No worries Tpeti hope you sort it mate
Airbag light : check the connections at the seatbelt pre-tensioner as this will throw up the same dash light fault, I had this and the airbag light went out with no need to reset with a diagnostic unit.
So what garage said: there is an open circuit on driver side airbag. This could mean: earth, unplugged connector.
If I cannot remove the airbag, would be enough just to put an earth wire somewhere?(steering column and earth)

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There may not be a quick fix for this, if you have checked the usual problematic connections under the drivers seat, it will need diagnostic investigation of wiring and connections using a circuit diagram and test meter.
I had a similar problem on my Partner van, it proved to be a broken wire in the loom between the body and engine bay fuse boxes, which was one wire of the red and white pair carrying the data signal.
It took me a whole day to trace it and I'm a telecoms engineer and do this type of thing for a living.
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I have got a test meter and wiring diagram, but I know just the basic, but I can use the meter.
We will see today, I will try have a look behind the airbag unit.

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